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Member of a germanic tribe who in the third to fifth centuries invaded the civilised world and basically smashed things. Hence, one who behaves like a barbarian, especially when it comes to destruction or neglect of art, and who is boorish and uncivilised, devoid of culture and taste. Associated with 'Vandal'.
Or, at least, according to recorded Roman history/propaganda did so, anyway. Both the Gothic and Vandal tribes were relatively civilised and built and made some really quite pretty things; there was no more destruction of Roman cities than Rome traditionally did to its enemies... --SF

Hard to define; like Cool, you know it when you see it, but others probably won't agree with you.
Wearer of lots of white make up?
Wearer wears black?  (Also - like cool?  GOTH is like cool?  I see what you mean, but really, was that a sane comparison?)

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[Yay!] (seealso DarklyCute)

What one finds in a GothBox
Unless it's unoccupied.
But is it still a GothBox if it doesn't have a Goth in it?
Is it black?
lp=2.898 x 10-3 / T ... {measures}  Oh yeah, it's black.  --Vitenka
Then it's a GothBox! If it also has PastelSparklies, it's a GothBox in denial.
Or a box belonging to a FluffyGoth?... ?  --Jumlian

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