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[The Grand List of Console RPG Cliches ] - SunKitten found it amusing, and a good place for a bit of procrastination.

From [this review], DarkCloud2? looks very interesting, with lots of non-plot fun things to do.  Anyone played it (or the original) who wants to comment?

Haven't played either so feel free to ignore me but I've just had 1 referred to in uncomplementary terms.  As to 2, all I know is [Penny Arcade's] view... - Kazuhiko
My wife likes 1.  From what I see, it's not too bad - it has two parts - 1 - interesting, random generated dungeon play and 2 - fun-looking village design puzzle with RPG elements.

Yeah, who needs review sites when you have PennyArcade.  No idea whether its good or not, but every recommendation they have made so far has turned out to be a dog, so I'll be avoiding it.

Really?  I will admit I dismiss must of what they talk about as not my kind of game so I wouldn't know.  They sound like they are talking sense, but I guess that isn't the best way to review a review :) - Kazuhiko

hart played it, and enjoyed it quite a bit.  There's not a great deal of complexity to it and it's a real time combat system, which hart normally dislikes in RPGs but found refreshingly free of suck in this case.  There're simply so many things to do that it's easy to get immersed in the game - combat, exploring, city-building, fishing, golf (yes, golf).  Inventing is exceptionally nonintuitive, but there are online guides to remedy that aspect, and the rest of it is really rather fun.  The plot is somewhat formulaic, but the cutscenes are decently well acted.  One of the few sequels that improves on an already solid original rather than simply rehashing it.  You can probably pick this up for USD $15 or so by WikiNow, so worth a buy I'd say as it's a 100+ hr game and it'll cost more to rent.

Let's see what other good ones I can think of.
It comes in a non-Online version?  Cool.  Is it playable on anything nowadays?
See (now basically done) page.  You have to find old hardware or emulate right now, though I believe that there is a 'phantasy star collection' inluding 1-3 for the GBA.  Google for more.  Also, PSO is perfectly playable offline.
Cool.  About time I had something else to play for the GBA and three RPGs on a single cart sounds like quite a good move :) - Kazuhiko
Yup, pretty good hours per buck.  But do be aware that PS1 is very very old and clunky.  And, apparently, the GBA port of it suffers from a 'crash on save sometimes' bug.
Now also available on PlayStation in the 'sega classics' series.  Rejigged, improved and apparently all lovely.  --Vitenka

Interplay have acquired the rights to Exalted. StuartFraser is fairly certain that the resulting game will be a dissapointment; he fully expects a CRPG (mistake #1), with a Solar PC (mistake #2), an overly hack-n-slash game (mistake #3), and a black-and-white plot (mistake #4). They might suprise me, though.

No chance.  Interplay are theeeees close to bankrupcy, they just shut down the people who make fallout.  That leaves BioWare? are their only code people.  BioWare? are busy, tm.  So, IMHO the most likely outcome is the license sitting on a shelf and rotting.  --Vitenka

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