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Startig in March 06, this was my first experience with the card generator games.
Big Fun, but i lost without a chance.

All right this sounds like fun... Anyone alive around here to give it a try? --Grumpf
Slightly belated reply - but sure.  Generate five, or go from scratch?  --Vitenka  (Either way, I'll generate my first)
Lets do it from scratch. Have fun -- Grumpf 29.3.06 15.00 GMT+2
Ok, off we go.  Good luck.  --Vitenka


Turn one, Vitenka

Vitenka generates:
Creature - Dryad (1/3, green)
3: put a +1/+1 counter on ~this~
3, remove any number of +1/+1 counters from ~this~: you put that many 2/2 green Snake creature tokens into play

Turn one, Grumpf

-- 29.3. 15.00 GMT+2
Grumpf generates:
a really broken instant win card
Enchantment (black)
Pay 1 life: an opponent receives 2 poison counters

next try:
Grumpf generates:
Discovery Trip
Instant (green)
search your library for a nonbasic land and put it into play, then shuffle your library

..Playing it and looking for the first nonbasic generated land -- Grumpf

'Keepers Grove '
T: add G to your mana pool
When ~this~ is put into a graveyard from play, draw 4 cards, then discard 3 cards

.. i think this counts as nonbasic land, even if it doesnt say "nonbasic land" -- Grumpf
.. I end my turn -- Grumpf
.... At end of your turn, give dryad a counter.

Turn two, Vitenka

Mirrors of Bravery
Instant - Arcane (black)
Kicker X black mana, where X is the number of permanents you control. all creatures with fear get -4/-4 (This effect doesn't end at end of turn). If you paid the kicker cost, ~this~ deals 2 damage to those creatures

... does absolutely nothing, so it's a utopia.  Your turn.

Turn two, Grumpf

..guess i have to say "thanks for not attacking me -- Grumpf
....You shouldn't have said that - I'd have not noticed and continued to do so!  :)  Oh - and yes, any land that is not explicitly basic, is non-basic.  --Vitenka
...... <<insert famous Homer Sympson quote here>> -- Grumpf
Call to Arms
Instant - Arcane (white)
you put 2 2/2 white Soldier creature tokens into play

..go -- Grumpf
....Give dryad two more counters.  --Vitenka

Turn three, Vitenka

Avian illusionist
Creature - Bird Wizard (1/1, blue)
Sacrifice a white enchantment: tap target enchantment and return that permanent to its owner's hand and You and target opponent each untap and gain control of target creature the other controls until end of turn. and those creatures get -2/-0 until end of turn
All creatures with power less than 3 become the creature type of your choice
Is it a bird, is it a plane ... you know, we're not entirely sure.

Hokay.  Your soldiers and my bird wizard can be walls, I think.  Just for fun.  --Vitenka
.. Ok. But according to the rules, beeing a wall doesnt stop them from attacking. The "cannot attack" thing is now a static ability called "Defender" (See [1]))
....Yeah, I know - but since it's totally random what keyword gets generated, ones as good as another.  So I picked the most fun one.  --Vitenka

Attack with the dryad.
..I won't block--Grumpf
....Ok, then it's your turn.  --Vitenka

Turn three, Grumpf

Nature's Blessing
Instant (green)
each player may search his or her library for 3 basic land cards and put them into play. Each player who searched his or her library this way shuffles it.

.. oh this is exactly what i need. I put into play: 1 Plains, 1 Mountain, 1 Swamp (or should we treat them as basic utopiae) --Grumpf
All lands are utopia.  --Vitenka
According to rule 2, a Utopia is both "basic" and "non-basic". However, the other lands the generator creates are all non-basic (because they don't say "Basic" on them). --AlexChurchill

attack you with one Soldier token -- Grumpf
Put a counter on the dryad, and then (with the last of my mana) invoke its ability, removing one counter and using it to block your soldier.  Both die.  --Vitenka

Turn four, Vitenka

Mass chaos
Instant (red)
Kicker RR. all green creatures get +3/+0 until end of turn. If you paid the kicker cost, untap those creatures and gain control of them until end of turn.

Oh, sucrose.  Ok, the kicker doesn't help me, but the main ability does.  Add a token and swing in with my (temporarily) 7/7 dryad.
.. my last brave soldier token jumps in to block the deadly Dryad (watch that alliteration^^) and is very dead afterwards. assuming you're ready then, ill take my turn -- Grumpf

Turn four, Grumpf

Tolar, the wise Keeper
Creature - Human Shaman (3/2, green)
Sacrifice a untapped permanent: target untapped artifact can't be the target of spells or abilities until end of turn
T, Tap an untapped permanent you control: you may search your library for a land card, reveal it, and put it into your hand. If you do so, shuffle that library afterwards.
4G: you may return all land cards from your graveyard to hand

ability #1 could get interesting, but since there is no artifact in play i cant sacrifice my grove to go searching for some help. Question: (If i could activate ability nr.1) Can i choose not to play the card that i generate at the beginning of my turn, and then (after saccing my grove) play one of the cards i get to draw instead? Else these extra cards aren't going to help me much --Grumpf 19.00 GMT+2
..If you have one or more cards in hand at the very beginning of your first main phase, you may choose to play one of them instead of generating a card, as per rule 7. --AlexChurchill
.... thx rules guru :). so c'mon gods of magic do me a favor and let Vitenka generate an artifact (i'd like one that says "Dryads cannot attack unless an opponent controls a red Legendary Merfolk Golem")

anyway, i cant do much else right now, im finishing my turn. -- Grumpf

Turn four, parte deux, Vitenka

At eot, dryad gets another token.  You're not doing too badly for blockers, at least (and I don't want to remove too many snakes yet, since my dryad is then liable to be killed)

And, um, the first ability on that artifact won't let you stop me activating an artifact - it'll just stop anything (including its own effects) from targeting it.
.. Yes i know. But thats not what i wanted. I just want to sacrifice my "Keepers Grove" (as part of the costs of ability nr. 1), and the effect is not harmful to me. -- Grumpf

You mean cards have an advantage?
Instant - Arcane (blue and green)
draw 7 cards and the next time you would draw a card this turn, target player may pay 1. If that player does, instead draw X cards, where X is the number of permanents an opponent controls in play

Either too broken, or I'm going to need to generate a lot.  I'll generate the first one on assumption that it's broken - but if you prefer I'll generate six more into hand.  (It's actually not half as broken in type 4.)

Derrick Riggers
Creature - Treefolk (2/1, green)
All creatures with total power and toughness greater than 2 can block as though they had flying
Look Boss - You can hang an elephant with this!

Uh, that's somewhat unfair of me.

If I get the first one, I'll draw a bunch more cards and attack with my big dryad and my flyer - if I get the second one, my flyer stays home.
.. I think lets stay with the second version ;) Your dryad gets through, i take 6 and better draw something useful now --Grumpf

Turn four, parte deux, Grumpf

Heavensent Saviors
Instant (white and blue)
you put 2 1/1 colourless Spirit creature tokens into play

Not that exiting but at least some blockers, i end my turn --Grumpf

Turn four, third one, Vitenka (heh, what is this, prove no generated game lasts more than four turns, day?)

Oh stop it with the blockers!  At eot a new token on the dryad, and remove four tokens to make snakes.

I draw:
Veldekan deathshifter
Creature - Human Wizard (3/2, blue)
1: ~this~ gains soulshift 3 until end of turn
all players may play creature spells any time an instant could be played

Which is truly interesting, but fairly pointless in type four.  (What is the CMC of a generated card?  Unlike tokens, they go to the graveyard...)  Anyway, too complicated, so lets hope it doesn't come up.
Currently, always 0. Once ChrisHowlett/MCGManaCostModule is complete, though... (so, about 2010) --CH

I'll add one more token to the dryad, and attack with it and the snakes I made.
.. I block the dryad and take 8 from the snakes *Ouch

Turn Five, Grumpf (haah i survived more than four turns^^)

Useless Junk
Instant (blue)
Kicker 4UUU. attach target Aura to target nonred creature. Gain control of that Aura until end of turn. If you paid the kicker cost, tap or untap that Aura

No aura in play => Utopia

Seems like i can concede now :)


Grumpf (2 life)


In Play:


Vitenka (20 life)


In Play:


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