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Grumpfs online status (ICQ): http://ph15.net:8000/icq/171381906 [image should be displayed here. If not, click on the link to see the image]

About me

Hi there, I'm Grumpf from Bochum, Germany. Please dont ask me about my nickname, i can't explain what lead to that name, but i'm quite happy with it ;) Im a big fan of Magic The Gathering, and somehow i found out about this incredible Magic-Card-generator on this site.

message Section

Hello - WelcomeToWiki :) - SunKitten


Any suggestions on when to play? Summer break from our university starts tomorrow (Thursday 13.7.06). I have to go to work on mondays and fridays, apart from that i am relative flexible. Evening sessions are also welcome. Take into account that i am from Germany (GMT+2) - 9 pm in England is 10 pm here. --Grumpf

TypeFourGenerated? Games

Rules Variants

These rules completely modify the rules for Type Four games stated here. Comments are welcome

#1: Apply the original Magic-The gathering rules concering hand limit, Start setup (7 cards in hand, no cards in play, Play-first or draw-first), One-land-per-turn
#1.1: Taking a mulligan is fine, but that decision may only be based on the land count in the opening hand.
#2: Before the game starts, each player must choose a fix land ratio (like 1/2 or 1/3)
#3: Whenever a player would draw a card, that player determines (with the help of a coin/dice or whatever is appropriate for the chosen ratio - might be ToothyWikiInternals/DiceRollServer) wether he draws a "Joker land" OR a (generated) card.
#3.1: "Joker lands" in hand are lands with "As ~this~ comes into play, choose a basic land type. ~this~ comes into play as a basic land with that type." (i.e., your choice of a Plains, Island, Swamp, Mountain or Forest)
#3.2: a card has to be generated with the the Type-Four-Generator
#4: Generated cards that the player doesn't (want to) play directly after generating them are considered to go into that players hand.
#4.1: A player who does this just writes something like "Generated and kept: SecretCardXYZ?" into the game log. (And copies the function of the card into the text editor of his choice - for later use). If needed, a signature of the card can be generated with the ToothyWikiInternals/SignatureServer. I really suggest to skip that time-consuming part though.
#4.2: If a player wants to play a spell from hand, he/she writes something like "playing my SecretCardXYZ??: <Cardname> <Cardtext>" into the game log.
#5: Cards have casting costs that depend on the number of spells that the player has played that turn
#5.1: The base cost of a spell is: one colored mana of (each of) the spell's colour(s). Artifacts have a base cost of 2.
#5.2: The second spell (of a player per turn) costs it base cost +2, the third +4, the forth +6 colorless mana (for the mathematicans, it is base cost + 2*(k-1), where k is the number of the spell)
Define "turn". If I play a spell in my turn, then an instant in yours, does the instant cost base +0 or +2? --CH
I think of a turn as one set of phases/steps from untap to discard/cleanup (if you like, check the definition in the 100-page comprehensive rules book article 3 ;)), so the answer is base+0. I don't know if this works out like i think - i didn't test them yet. Maybe the additional costs are a bit high, maybe the whole dynamic costing stuff could be solved in another elegant way. Tests will show. -- Grumpf
#5.3: The rules for turning generated cards into Utopia lands are still valid. Cards that do nothing (and won't  do something in the future) can be played for free as a utopia land. (Lands are no spells). Of course, if you play an Utopia, the one-land-per-turn rule prevents you from dropping another land that turn.
#6.: If a player has to discard a card due to hand size limitation, any opponent may pay (2) or 2 life to force the discarding player to play the card instead. (This rule prevents players from collecting all the bad cards in hand without having to play them. Let there be madness and chaos*g)

Optional Rules
#7:  Players may choose not randomly draw their initial seven, but to pick up to three cards out of the following list (picking a card multipe times is fine as long as the total is three or less) and then draw the remaining cards. These reactive cards might fix some problems of Generated games

The cards may sound a bit complex, but Generated players should be used to that. They all work on after the same scheme (modal spell with one option only effective if kicker cost played, plus entwine option)
Ray of righteousness (white instant)
Kicker 2W
Choose one: Destroy target artifact or enchantment; OR if you paid the kicker cost, destroy all creatures.
Entwine: 1W
target your "Astral Man, creature (human shaman wizard): ~this~ is an enchantment in addition to its type"
Kicker 2R
Choose one: target creature attacks this turn, if able; OR if you paid the kicker cost, ~this~ deals 3 damage divided among any number of targets
Entwine: 1R
Man, i wish this would be tournament legal
Kicker 1B
Choose one: target player discards a card; OR if you paid the kicker cost, destroy target nonblack creature.
Entwine: 1B
Hint: don't target regenerating creatures
Kicker 1G
Choose one: put two +1/+1 counters on target creature; OR if you paid the kicker cost, untap all creatures you control.
Entwine: 1G
When the squirrel began to knock over the trees it tried to climb, the citizens knew that something was wrong
Kicker 2U
Choose one: replace all colour words on target permanent or spell with the colour words of your choice; OR target creature becomes the creature types of your choice; OR if you paid the kicker cost, gain control of target creature.
Entwine: 2U
No, "pink-grey" is not a colour word

#8: Each player starts with 5 R&D points. Whenever a player plays a spell, any opponent may use these points to do things listed here. The intention of this is to prevent nearly-broken cards from deciding a game to quickly.

Game Links

Here are some Links to the TypeFourGenerated? Magic games i am (or have been) playing


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