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HyperText Markup Language.

In your graphical browser, click on "File... View Source". See that? That's HTML.
You mean "Browser... View in Source Editor..."? 8-p

View->Source in mine (slightly more logical that, though it does strange things when opening gzip compressed pages)''  --Vitenka

So you thought the [TABLE tag was obsolete]? [View source]. Feel the horror.

I want to create a table with a top-row containing various objects, and one or more subsequent rows containing (AJAX) forms for those elements. Something like:

| Thing 1  | Thing 2  |
| o radio  | o radio  | <Submit-1> |
| [] check | [] check  | <Submit-2> |

(where the two radios and Submit 1 are one form, and the two checks and Submit 2 are a second).

How can I go about creating this layout, given that a form cannot be split across a td (unless the form contains the entire table)? --CH

Why not contain the whole table?  You can have more than one submit button in a form, and they should submit a key-value pair like any other form element so your script can work out which one was pressed.  Alternately, tables break at rows fairly easily - especially if you can fix column width to a percentage.  --Vitenka

You could have each row be a separate table (each enclosed in it's own form), or do the layout in css rather than a table. Or just use Extjs, cause it's awesome. --qqzm

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