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Housemate of AlexChurchill.  Surreal man.  Says "Maaaa" a lot.
More information may or may not be forthcoming here.

Qqzm is the nickname he uses in all sorts of online forums, incuding MagicOnline.  Part of the reason is "it's always available, nobody else ever takes it"... --AC

Muwahahaha. It is the handle I've used for some time. I originally got it free in a packet of Kellogg's Ricicles. It doesn't *really* mean anything, but it is quite conveniently only 4 characters long and never taken (bet you're surprised about that one). --Qqzm

Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. --Qqzm

There's a sheep reference there someonwhere, I know it.  --Vitenka
Are you sure it's a sheep?  Sounds plaintive enough to possibly even be the CUWOCS goat...--Jumlian, speculatively.
From this, do we detect (or rather, would those who don't know anyway detect) that Qqzm is a keen player of SettlersOfCatan?
How would one deduce (let alone detect) this (admittedly true) theory from the above text? --SF
I Seem to remember GeneralMelchett? going Maaaaaaaa a lot . "Security isn't a dirty word, Blackadder. Crevice is a dirty word, but security isn't." --RobHu

For those of you so inclined, I welcome PGP-encrypted email. Public key doesn't follow.

(Obvious comment follows:) Ah, but is it? What if someone mischievous had sneaked in a key of their own there? As a warning to anyone thinking of using this (and an oblique way of getting more signatures on my key ^.^), the only way to know that this is Qqzm's key and not someone else's is to get Qqzm's key fingerprint from em personally and check it, or else to form/join a WebOfTrust. --Bobacus
This, of course, also applies to ChrisHowlett's PGP key on his page.


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