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People with half a body.

The time it takes for a radioactive isotope to halve its rate of radiation output (or, equivalently, the time it takes for half its mass to have decayed)
*dons sad scientist hat* Actually much more widely used to describe processes where the amount of a material in a system decays exponentially.  Another example than that above is the measure of how long a given substance remains in a patient before they eliminate it (I know this because it's about all I understand from the articles I get from the ClinSchool? Library). *removes hat* *looks at the above* Did I write that?  Help! Give me coffee! --MJ

Also a highly popular computer game, wherein a scientist working in a hard-to-navigate complex accidentally opens a portal to another world that lets in a number of aliens.

Both of these activities take place within the CavendishLabs.

HalfLife isn't usually my game of choice, but I've just seen the E3 demo of the new game and... wow...

CounterStrike, spawn of HalfLife. The only reason to avoid HalfLife is CounterStrike, home of thousands of kiddies and groupies who speak constantly in l33tspeek.


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