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The Cavendish Laboratory, at the west of Cambridge, houses most of the UniversityOfCambridge's PhysicsDepartment?.  A fine example of the architecture of the 1960s, this hideous collection of concrete blocks appears to be able to alter its internal layout, trapping the hapless wanderer.  This is not a place to go after playing HalfLife.  Or, if you can avoid it, ever.  The first year NatSci teaching labs are very near the exit; should you find yourself in them, try to resist any temptations you may feel to wander deeper into the Cavendish.

Samples of Cavendish architecture:

There is a stairwell with attached three person lift.  This stairwell has six floors.  The lift has five.  Only four of them are common to each.

There is a corridor which starts in one building, and terminates in another.  There *is* a bridge linking the two buildings, which can be seen from the outside.  However, this bridge has windows and the interior of it can be observed from the outside.  This corridor has no windows, and cannot observe the outside.  At the end of this corridor is a door which is three feet tall.

You realize I'm going to have to search for these, now?  I know it's not sensible, I know it'll take more than a sword and a ball of twine to keep me safe, but still I have to search. -- NickTaylor

There is a large whale on the roof or one building.  It has been dead for millenia.

This sounds like New Museums, not Cavendish ^^; - MoonShadow
I wouldn't put it past the Cavendish to have a dead whale lying around, but see CavendishCockcroft.  Pity; possibly the Cavendish is just mundane after all. -- NickTaylor

Certain offices appear, from their internal location, to be suspended in free air.

The Cavendish is a favorite hunting ground for Assassins - though whether this is due to the architecture or the large number of first year NatScis, MathMos and CompScis is an open question.

If you ever find yourself in the vicinity of the Cavendish, then please make your way up the hill to find the ComputerLab at the top.


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