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SquareSoft? meets Disney.

Are you terrified yet?  Or merely disturbed?

I think the appelation EntireSeriesInThirtySecondsWhilstOnCrack is oddly appropriate here since it delves into almost every Disney movie and series you'd care to name (prior to its release of course, which was probably about a year ago now).

It was actually released in Japan first which means that the voice overs were all initially done in Japanese.  In case your mind hasn't already shut down I will point out that this means that, if you get the original, you get to hear Donald Duck speak Japanese.  The end result, of course, is that he is only marginally less comprehensible than when he speaks English...

The game was then brought across to the US and, in addition to the translation, had some extra stuff added (and the colour schemes of some enemies changed for no apparent reason).

The Japanese then decided it was their game first and they wanted the extra stuff so they released the 'Final Mix' which had the English dialog but Japanese menus and on screen text.  In addition to the extra stuff they added yet more extra stuff and movies etc.

HoshiKage described it as a game that really, really shouldn't work but, strangely, does.  She also noted that many people start of decrying it as the most horribly thing they have heard of, then disapear for two weeks and final return with a somewhat zombified expression and try to get everyone they can find to play it.

As a note for FinalFantasy fans, many FF characters show up in the first couple of worlds you enter in one form or another which can be amusing or, in at least one case, rather disturbing...

MoonShadow watched someone play through the Nightmare Before Christmas section and thought the graphics were rather excellent..

Having now finished it, I'd say it's actually pretty good.  Not the best RPG in the world but if you have a general like of Disney and FinalFantasy then it is worth a play.  The plot is fun, the graphics are good, combat is actually quite good as well.  The plot does, admittedly, have the odd hole through it but this is frequently more amusing than annoying. --K

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