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A slight exaggeration, most examples of this class actually take from half an hour to two hours.

Classic examples are XTheMovie, the RevolutionaryGirlUtena/Movie and the recap episodes of KareKano.  Also some of the Eva movies and, arguably, FLCL.

What can be said about these?  Are you full of sugar, and want to see something that makes no sense - but shown at high speed?

Intended as what?  A recap of the series?  A quick reminder?  A teaser of what is to come?  Extra scenes for the true fans?

Who knows - but they're always fun.

Might as well say it here: AzumangaDaioh is kind of fun to watch with the fast-forward button pressed down.  The voices are even squeakier and on my computer it wasn't so fast that I couldn't read the subs.

Talking of Eva, above - some of the later Eva episodes contain EntireSeriesInThirtySecondsWhilstOnCrack. Or some drug, anyway. --Requiem

When you do it on purpose to a series that doesn't do this, you have TheAbridgedSeries?.  On that note, MY HAIR IS ASSUALTING YOU... IN AMERICA! - TsundereLightning

SeeAlso TwoMinutesOfCrack

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