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Final Fantasy 1&2 were CRPGs originally for the SNES, but now re-made for PlayStation.
Um, no.  Pretty sure FF1 was for the good old NES?.  Oh, ack, hang on.  Now would be a good time to sort this confusion out.  Americans never got FF1-3 the first time round, so they named FF4 FF1 and counted from there.  Confusion reigned.
IIRC FF1 was released for the NES as FF1 everywhere.  Then the English-language market skipped 2 and 3, with FF4 being labeled as FF2 for the SNES.
Ok, PlayStation has remakes of one and two ('origins') and six.  It has native 7-9 (and PS2 got 10-12)  I don't think it has 4 and 5.  DS has 3 and 4, and presumably will gain 5 and 6 in due course.  --Vitenka

Final Fantasy 1 (the original #1, not #4 called #1) was an incredibly eight bit old school game - blocky spectrum syle sprites, truncated four or five character names for everything.  Fantastically lampooned at [Eight Bit Theatre]

Final Fantasy 4 was the first game to make it to the states, and is hailed as having been made 'incredibly wussy' in translation.

Final Fantasy 5 is probably my favorite, for no immediately apparent reason.  The game plays as though it was a direct continuation of 4.

Final Fantasy 6 (III in the US) is a massive RPG for the SNES. 2D sprites, two sprawling worlds, a massively twisted fantasy / SteamPunk plot, completely insane evil guy.
Note that the fan translated ROM for the SNES has far better translation than either the American-SNES or the PlayStation versions.  Though the playstation version has an incredible intro sequence.  Also, the PlayStation version is quite blatantly just a SNES emulator (apart from the movies) - which is both a good (perfectly intact gameplay) and bad (oh the graphical glitches, they burn!  They burn!) thing.

Final Fantasy 7 is a beautiful sci-fi / SteamPunk RPG for the PC & PlayStation. Early vector graphics, funky storyline.
Interesting news: there's a sequel to FF7 planned.  (FFVII-2)  See [here] for more info, and bottom of this page for discussion.

Final Fantasy 8 is an interactive movie, basically (with a card game thrown in). Cool storyline, mind.  For PC and PlayStation.

Final Fantasy 9 is everything anyone ever wanted from a fantasy RPG. Kuja-sama!  Available on Playstation.
Except for, say, an ending that was fun, playable and made sense.  Everything up to the last ten minutes was wonderful though.  --Vitenka

/  \


Final Fantasy 10 is a massive RPG released on the PS2 that features a new take on experience and a couple minigames, most notably Blitzball.
I'm playing FFX at the moment and it's brilliant! -- Mjb67
I've just been to the official FF X-2 (the sequel) site.  http://www.playonline.com/ffx2/  Looks good!  They have some nice wallpaper of two of the female characters from FFX, one of whom at least has changed character-classes in a big way...
Personally, not enamoured.  If I'd wanted to play SpeedBall, I'd play... where's my AtariST??  I'm probably just bitter that it's STILL not made it to the PC.  --Vitenka

FFX-2: The Ultimate Oxymoron. The [videos] look rather good, though. Especially the Matrix micktake bits ^^; - MoonShadow

Final Fantasy 11 is a massively multiplayer online RPG.
Released in Japan in early November 2002
Official home page http://www.playonline.com/ff11/
Available on Windows and PS2.
The game world is called Vana'Diel.  It has 3 major nations, who each have their own distinctive technology and culture.  One is a kingdom, one is a republic, and one is a federation.
At character creation time, players choose a 'tribe'.  This can be Hume (human), Elvaan (guess), Tarutaru (little pointy eared people), Mithra (cat people) or Galka (big stoopid looking greeny-skinned people that don't get on with the others).
Check out the manga at http://www.playonline.com/ff11/manga/ it's an introduction to the features and feel of the game in an easy to digest form.
Just to point out that, being an MMORPG is a BAD thing.  But allegedly, it'll make it to Europe on the PC before it does on the PS2.  (Actually, the demo already has, as long as you don't mind no translation)  - There is also an expansion disc in the works.  "Not a bugfix disc, really!"  --Vitenka

I keep seeing FF11 on the shelves over here and having to force myself to remember that I do not play MMORPGs...  Even FF MMORPGs... :/ --K

Much mention has been made in webcomic rants about the killer-bunnies (cute innocent looking creatures that are far more dangerous than they seem) that plague new players.  Two of the more interesting renditions can be found in [this strip] at PennyArcade and in the rant on [this strip] of MacHall? (needs Flash). --K

Final Fantasy 12 is not an MMORPG (let the celebrations begin).  Apparently to be set in the same world as Final Fantasy Tactics Advance but in a different time frame (no mention of it comes before or after).  The most detail I have found can be read on [gamespot].  The only downside so far seems to be the character designs...  Surfer dude strikes again for the main chara and...  I don't know how to describe the female lead but neither 'attractive' nor 'cute' spring to mind.  *sigh*  Ah well.  Better that than MMORPG. --K

There is now [a trailer] available for FF12, unfortunately in quicktime format (does apple pay these people?).  MacHall's response: "I want to like this one. I really do. Though I'm very sick of the half vest/shirt, blonde, hazy past, sarcastic hero in square games...".  My response: "Oh look, the main female is a princess, there's Ifrit and the summons, there's the airship flying over a crowded town...".  We can but hope for a good game I guess... --K

A report on the new (2005-11-12) demo of XII can be found [here].  I don't know if I'm worried or not: "From a practical standpoint, the easiest way to describe FFXII's gameplay is as an attempt to take Final Fantasy XI offline".  The screen shots initially reminded me of the first .hack//Sign game, which I currently hold as one of the worst games I've played in my life.  We'll have to wait a year before it's released over here so not really time to get interested or worried just yet. --K

FinalFantasyTactics changes the battle mode from standard RPG to "TRPG" - tactical RPG, reminiscent of proper wargames.  They're great fun if you like that kind of thing, but often do take half an hour.  Read more on its own page.

FinalFantasyTacticsAdvance is another one in the same vein.  It is slightly simplified from FFT (only slighly) but personally I found this an advantage (FFT left me a little bewildered at the number of options available).  The art and story are both nice and cute but the story has yet to show any real depth.  Hopefully this will change.

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within was a bad bad bad bad bad film, which would have looked much worse had it not been released about the same time as Lara Croft Tomb Raider, for which there are not words.  --Vitenka

Actually, I quite strongly disagree with that.  Graphically, it was superb, with only a slight glitch in some of the movements to remind you that it wasn't real.  Storywise, it was on the simpler side, but I still enjoyed it. - Kazuhiko
There is no excuse for a film where the big dramatic revelation is one of the characters exclaiming that 'The phantoms... are ghosts!'
Yeah - almost as bad as a fansub translation, that.
And if you want graphics, go to a gallery.
Hmpf.  I still disagree, so there :p - Kazuhiko
I liked it too.  It IS a valid final fantasy, and the plot was bearable.  I'll not argue whether it should have been shown in art theatres or in multiplexes.  Multiplexes so as to TRY and make the company not go bust, perhaps.  Graphically - the SFX were, of course, beyond compare.  But the actors did not, generally, look real.  The exception would be the main character who, if anything, looked TOO polished.  Important advances:  CGI skin.  Failed advances:  CGI Hair.  But the scenes of people having their still struggling souls torn from their bodies... exquisite.

The FinalFantasy is one magnum opus of the games company SquareSoft?.  Another one dear to the hearts of many ToothyWikizens is the ChronoTrigger / ChronoCross? pair.  ChronoTrigger is comparable to Final Fantasy 6 in graphic style, characterisation, and plot depth.  ChronoCross? is graphically similar to Final Fantasy 8. 
The plot, however, can't really be compared to any of the FF plots. While it bears similarities with ChronoTrigger, it can probably be compared most readily to XenoGears. The battle system, however, is reminiscent of Final Fantasy 10. - GreenOpal

Well, while we're offtopic, I feel honour bound to mention their ParasiteEve? style games (two Parasite's and two vagrant stories) - these are 3rd person, much more action rather than turn based - though the action pauses while you choose wepons etc.  Think LaraCroft? with plot.

And their honourable attempt to make a strategy game - FinalFantasyTactics.  And their allegedly good attempt to ally with TheMouse? - KingdomHearts.

Some of the FinalFantasy are now being [ported] to [mobile phones].  Check out the [image] where a party named DoCoMo?, Square, Enix and iMode battle the Dragon Zombies with Ice2 (or is that Ice3)?
Uhh... this porting would take all of about four seconds?  SNES emulators already ruin quite handily on those things.  --Vitenka
Was that last typo intentional?  It's quite funny anyway...--Jumlian
Paging the UnnaturallyKeenQuoteScout... will the UnnaturallyKeenQuoteScout please report to the FinalFantasy, we have a typo on line 118.  ThankYou.

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children...  A direct to DVD film of FF7?  MuHaHa...  MuHaHaHa...  [MuHaHaHaHaHaHaHa...]
This would be the long rumoured re-release of ff7.  I'm not sure whether to be happy that they found a use for their hard-worked fmv? or whether to be sad that they aren't releasing it as a proper game.  --Vitenka
From what I've heard, it's a sequel (in Movie form). Yes, I see problems with this idea too, but.... - tjm
SpoilerWarning SpoilerWarning SpoilerWarning SpoilerWarning SpoilerWarning SpoilerWarning SpoilerWarning SpoilerWarning SpoilerWarning ...
Um - Sephiroth is DEAD by the end of ff7 - he's alive and fighting in the promo pictures for this.  --Vitenka (if this wasn't Squenix I'd rule it out, based on that)
I appreciate that 99% of the people who will ever play FF7 have probably already played it, but for the sake of the remaining 1%, I think a spoiler warning might be nice here? ^_^; - tjm
You're kidding me?  I apologise.  Even so - he's the bad guy in FF7.  The good guys win.  This is not really a spoiler, you know.  (Now, if I related the famous death scene, ok.. but...)  --Vitenka
From more info I've found - yep, it is indeed a sequel.  No, I don't see how that is posisble, unless the bits we've seen are from a FlashBack?.  --Vitenka

Having now seen (a very poor quality version of) the trailer, I have a nasty feeling that this won't make it over to English, unless someone has heard otherwise?  IMHO that kind of character design and sword fighting will only be acceptable viewing to huge fans of FF7... --Kazuhiko
It doesn't look like it'd be worth buying - and I am a fan of that style ;)  It's just a rejig of a bunch of CGI from ff7 mixed together.  Ok, fighting sephy during the motorcycle chase is cool - but, um, there  I said it.  That's all you need.  The whole thing looks pointless.  If it ships free with a game it'll be worth it, otherwise it doesn't look like it'll even be worth watching the fansub.  FF7 with FF8 graphics.  Whoo.  --Vitenka

If you thought that SpiritsWithin? was bad, don't even think about watching FF7 AdventCalendar...  Seriously.  Plotwise it lacks even basic coherence.  Design-wise, some of the characters are pretty but the children move like puppets.  Nostalgia-wise, I did NOT need to be bludgeoned over the head with Aerith.  And motorbike fights (which, along with cell-phone commercials, make up a large part of the movie) are just plain silly. --K
MoonShadow concurs, on the whole. MoonShadow thought the graphics were OK (up until they start moving, anyway; and if you ignore the lack of shadows. Look, people, I know that soft shadows are mathematically impressive, but there is such a thing as looking plausible, too!). There's little else MoonShadow can compliment the film on.
Eh.  It was an encore - you can't expect much more than a rehashing of the original.  It looked pretty enough.  The plot was horrednous but who cares?  It had everyone in (and how much more would you complain if they'd brough Aeris back to life rather than just going on about her?)  It was cheesy as all get-out, yes.  But I for one would like to play it.  --Vitenka
I'm trying desperately to work out how you can have such a negative view of SpiritsWithin? and then let this off with "The plot was horrendous but who cares?".  The whole thing with accelerating cloud upwards was possibly the cheesiest movie experience, animated or otherwise, I have ever seen.  I think I would actually have preferred it if they had brought Aerith back and left it at that rather than having all the references they put in. --K
Simply put, because TheSpiritsWithin? was intended to be a proper film.  This was a cheesy 'gift to the fans' style OVA.  It was intended to be cheesy and it suceeded.  --Vitenka

[Final Fantasy the Concert]...  For some reason titled 'Dear Friends'.  I would say that I am definitely going to go to this but I think I will wait to find out the price before I commit myself! :) --K

Something you don't often see - a *fast* tonberry..

There's a team who AlexChurchill and GreenOpal have played against in multiple MagicTheGathering prerelease tournaments. They bring a plushy Tonberry with them, and stand it on their side of the table. Each time our team loses life, they advance the Tonberry towards us, and resist any attempts on our part to move it back. It does actually get quite intimidating ^^;; --AC

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