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Kurau, the daughter of a scientist, gets caught up in an experiment when she visits her father's lab. After that, she acquires powers and another half. It has promise. SunKitten and MoonShadow liked the two episodes they saw..

Having watched it all now, it is actually very good. It wanders a little, leaving the viewer uncertain as to where events are leading - but that's not necessarily a bad thing! It keeps the pace going, and the ending is satisfactory.

Basic plot - Kurau and her other half, her 'pair,' are both beings called by humans 'Rynasapiens', that is, having 'Rynax power' (what hit Kurau in her dad's lab when she was 12). Kurau was going to carry on working as before and look after her newly-arrived pair, but they are pursued by an organisation called the GPO. Their flight leads to discoveries about what the GPO are doing, why Kurau herself is important and what the Rynax want - and what they can do to humans.
Mysterious organisation, the GPO - who knows what they're up to when they're not delivering your post...! --M-A

Good character development, attractive and unusual art (more realistic than many anime), action and introspection and angst. Worth watching :)

CategoryAnime, OP=SunKitten

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