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Those who consider themselves elite (L33t), though generally only applied to hackers (or, more likely, ScriptKiddies?), and generally considered an insult other than by ScriptKiddies?.

They generally fall into the same sort of group as those who consider themselves cool, goth, hip, ... , ... - MoonShadow

I consider them to be much worse than those groups.  The cool, gothic and hip are irritating, and may be dangerous in large numbers, but can usually be avoided.  The L33t, meanwhile, are generally destructive and a constant reminder that, even after a decade, it's still September. -- NickTaylor

I assume you mean ScriptKiddies? are much worse. There b ppl wh0 th1nk th3y r L33t on 3\/ry IRC n3tw0rk. And could you expound the obscure September remark? -- Bobacus

Today is the 3508th of September 1993. Explained  [here]. --StuartFraser

One of those things such that if you consider yourself so, you probably aren't? - Stormcaller

Generally identified through the use of L33tsp34k.


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