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Long ago, September was the month when people came up to University and got Internet access for the first time.  As a result, there were many new users floating around in September.  They typically assimilated fairly quickly, and the Internet was (apparently) a generally happy and clue-filled place for the rest of the year.  In 1993, AOL users were let loose on the proper Internet, and filled it with clueless new users.  It is held that September 1993 still hasn't ended.

A great thing to mention if you want to show how just how well you can sneer, and get approving nods from lots of other people who like to sneer too.
Is that comment meta-sneering?

I don't normally going in for the sneering thing, but AOL users...  *shrug* Everyone's got to look down on someone... :) - Kazuhiko
Surely that is the point to the existence of AOL users, so that the rest of the net has something to look down on? - Tsunami
AOL was once defined as "an organisation set up so that internet users had someone to make ethnic jokes about." --SF

There's also a BoardGame called September.  Or used to be, about 10 years ago.
Either AlexChurchill or his parents still have a copy of it around somewhere.  It was quite elegant: no luck factor, no draws possible, and some nice tactical choices both early and late-game.  I'd like to find either that copy or another one, if possible.  It would probably be quite easy to adapt as a WikiGame...

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