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The Church Action on Poverty are an inter-denominational Christian organisation who work to tackle poverty in the UK.  They are running an awareness and solidarity campaign to make people aware of those people called "Living Ghosts" who have been refused asylum in Britain, but not immediately returned to their place of origin.  There is a Bishop's statement for the end of destitution here:


I'm pondering taking part in the challenge from 27th November - 4th December 2005 (first week of Advent) to live on just a food parcel and 5 for a week to express solidarity with refused asylum seekers in this country.

Is anybody else up for it?

More info here: http://www.church-poverty.org.uk/campaigns.htm (The form for them to send more information isn't working, but I've left a message on their answer phone asking them for more details, which I can pass on to interested parties here.) --AR

I'd be up for this...let me know when you get some more details ^_^ -- Xarak

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