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Church should probably be defined by the Greek ekklesia.  This means assembly.  In RealLife, Church is much more than this.  It is where Christians gather to learn about God, to pray, to have fellowship and to receive the Eucharist together.  AngelaRayner uses a big C when describing the whole Church and a little c to define the individual congregations we attend.

I misread that first line as "Church should probably be defined by the Geek ekklesia... :) -- AlexChurchill

Most of my (Christian) friends are of the opinion that church is more a kind of state of mind than anything else.  They think they never leave it, that they are always living in a community of Christians, and that therefore Church is going on all the time (This is also some people's view of heaven: a constant atmosphere of community and agreement).  I think they're probably right, but I don't feel that way most of the time: I guess I've got a long way to go.  It's something to work towards, I guess.  --PHL4IVI3R1D3R

It would be interesting to compare some churches (with a small c) here.  Feel free to read, add, or comment, about:

For this to work as a comparison, it'd be useful if on these pages about individual churches, authors could try to refer to the kind of information given on pages about other churches.  Of course, don't feel you need to either limit yourself to that, or describe all the things about any one church that other people have described about others :)

Some ChristianDenominations are termed 'churches'. For example, the ChurchOfEngland.

CategoryChristian, CategoryChurch

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