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[Maps] are available on [thetube.com].

(their [copyright notice] basically says you can only use the maps for your own private use).

AR - I reckon the DirectorGeneral? (please amend if already mentioned) might well be able to change the map for his/her own purposes...  This presumably counts as private use :)

Does anyone have, either on paper or online, a copy of that great spoof of the London Underground map, renaming all the lines and stations?  Tatoeba, the Central line became "The Planets", the Jubilee line became "Famous Musicians", and Holborn (on both of them) became "Mercury"...
(Made-up example.  I remember one of the lines was Planets, and another was film stars; I can't remember a specific interaction like that, but I know ther were a lot of cleverly done ones.)
Extensive googling reveals that the item you are looking for is Simon Patterson's print "The Great Bear". Regrettably, it is copyright, and only available for purchase in various locations. --ChrisHowlett
Thank you, well found.  http://www.dareonline.org/artwork/patterson/patterson3.html shows a detail from it.  It's not quite how I recall - but this is the price we pay for converting a snatch of memory to something real.  --AC
Bwahahaha.  Just realised that Paul Gascoigne has been put on the comedians line (crossed with sportsmen).  I remember one of these being in the art museum just next to Castle Hill for a while.  --K
And Karl Marx is "within walking distance" of Zeppo... yep, it's clever :) --AC

The gallery/shop "Lawson" on King'sParade (nr the FudgeKitchen?) has a print of it in the window for 15. --CH

I have a copy of it, which ColinT bought for my birthday (thanks Colin ;). --Angoel

A political movement.

SeeAlso [Animals on the Underground], and [How it really should look] -- which is missing a bit....

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