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An old TBS game.  Available on Amiga, Sinclair, and CommodoreSixtyFour?, amongst others.

You played a wizard, who cast a huge variety of spells, using the TBS standard of Action Points.  The most fun spells were those which summoned other creatures, who on subsequent turns could be controlled as well as your wizard.  One of my fondest memories was the first time I summoned a flying creature, the Pegasus, which could fly very fast (represented as: had a lot of Action Points per turn, and used very few to move from one square to another).

Oh yes.  Multiplayer hotseating fun.  An absolute classic.  Wonder if we can abuse the go markup system badly enough to play it here?

If you can't, MoonShadow could always add more appropriate markup ^^;

Hmm... I'd consider that unlikely.  Look at the top result at Google: lords of chaos screenshot to see the kind of layout required: we could assign symbols (or ASCII characters) to "wizard", "wall", "window", "cauldron", "pegasus", etc, but it'd be rather strained.  Not to mention wasn't there an aspect of finding your enemy, or acquiring spells that your opponent didn't know you had?  Such non-total-knowledge games would seem poor choices for Wikification :)  --AlexChurchill
Well, you could have some kind of GentlemansAgreement to not view the private pages it used... but yes.  Then again, I prefer total knowledge games.  Perhaps a variant?  Besides, with hotseating the hiding information bit never quite worked ;)
As to the markup - I guess we could resort to the numeral system.  So 2o to represent my horsie and 3x to represent your brownie?  -- Vitenka

That all seems reasonable.  The variant would take some figuring out, and would probably end up with next-to-no actual resemblance to the original 8-bit/16-bit game, but probably quite fun anyway.  Might I propose LordsOfWiki/Rules to discuss the rules?  -- AlexChurchill


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