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Every so often, Mark Gottlieb uses his weekly article to make a deck-building challenge. Wikizens are invited to collaborate in building a deck to meet the [latest challenge]:

Every card in your deck (except for basic land) must be illustrated by the same artist. Since the Invitational will take place on Magic Online, your entire deck must be playable there. That means you can only use cards from Seventh Edition, Eighth Edition, expansions from Invasion through Darksteel, and the three bonus cards (Morphling, Sliver Queen, and Serra Avatar). If a card has been reprinted in different sets with different art, be sure to specify which one you want to use—and double-check that it's Magic Online friendly. For this deck dare, Icy Manipulator is fine for your Mark Zug deck, but not for your Amy Weber or Douglas Shuler deck.

The judges (whoever they are) will decide which submitted decks make it into the auction. They are not making their selections based on power level. Instead, they're looking for the decks that are the most interesting. If you make a deck that is fun to play or has a bizarre combo, it stands just as good a chance (in fact, it stands a better chance) than a killer, near-tourney-level construction. Only one deck will be chosen per artist, and each participant can only submit a single deck, so make your artist choice wisely. The deadline is April 12th. (Note: decks should be submitted [here]).


Moved to separate subpage: /CardListByArtist.


Eric Peterson

MTG: Coalition Victory and MTG: Living Wish, but no multicolour creatures and I don't think any colour changing.

Kev Walker

MTG: Dragonspeaker Shaman, MTG: Dragonstorm, MTG: Bladewing's Thrall, MTG: Bladewing the Risen, MTG: Dragon Tyrant. Also MTG: Wrath of God, but that probably doesn't work - use mana myrs to accelerate or chump?

Anthony S. Waters

Provides a few cards to form a green/blue/splash-red beast tribal deck: Canopy Crawler, Contested Cliffs, Hystrodon, Mistform Ultimus, Quicksilver Behemoth, Yavimaya Coast. (More cards for an Elemental tribal deck, but that can't use the Cliffs).

Scott M Fischer

Has some potential for a UW Wizardy control deck. MTG: Riptide Director works nicely with MTG: Solitary Confinement, and likes having lots of Wizards around as does the MTG: Voidmage Prodigy, who plays nicely with the MTG: Aphetto Runecaster who in turn loves the MTG: Echo Tracer. There's even potential for further stall with MTG: Pariah or MTG: Pristine Angel (unfortunately not both at once). Stir in MTG: Complicate, MTG: Possessed Aven and MTG: Puppeteer and you have a deck. But I'd hoped to avoid a tribal deck... right, next try! --AlexChurchill

Greg Staples

PeterTaylor's deck-list for Greg is:
4x MTG: Lord of Atlantis
3x MTG: Shepherd of Rot
4x MTG: Tribal Forcemage
4x MTG: Proteus Machine
4x MTG: Goblin Sharpshooter
4x MTG: Solemn Simulacrum
3x MTG: Pentavus

4x MTG: Artificial Evolution
4x MTG: Pemmin's Aura
2x MTG: Might of Oaks

4x MTG: Mirrodin's Core
3x Mountain
4x Forest
10x Island
3x Swamp

The Aura comboes with the Shepherd and the Sharpshooter: the latter also comboes with Pentavus. Evolution is very situational - I commonly use it for allowing the Lord to pump himself early-game, but ideally late-game it will make Pentavus generate either Zombie or Lord/Merfolk? tokens. The deck is four-colour, and I might want to lower the Island count by two in exchange for an extra Mountain and Swamp, but the Core and Simulacrum generally prevent me being colour-screwed. I have wondered about switching the Might of Oaks for MTG: Echoing Courage, but that's only really effective with Pentavites, and based on the games played so far it's not worthwhile.
AC played against this on Sunday and found it great fun (even to play *against*) and quite effective. I think PT or one of us should submit this.
PT will submit this unless something better turns up.

David Martin: Firecat Eggs

AC built a decklist for this one, cos I liked it:
4 MTG: Firecat Blitz
4 MTG: Mirari's Wake
4 MTG: Wall of Hope
4 MTG: Pitchstone Wall
4 MTG: Fire
4 MTG: Starstorm
4 MTG: Spite/Malice
= 28 nonmana
4 MTG: Darkwater Egg = 4U
2 MTG: Shadowblood Egg = 6B
4 MTG: Sungrass Egg
= 38 nonland
8 Plains = 12W
10 Mountain = 12R
4 Forest = 8G
= 22 land
other opts:
MTG: Ravaged Highlands, MTG: Tarnished Citadel, MTG: Skycloud Egg, MTG: Mossfire Egg, MTG: Pain/Suffering, MTG: Reality, MTG: Stand/Deliver, MTG: Serene Sunset, MTG: Riptide Crab, MTG: Raka Sanctuary, MTG: Meekstone

This was quite fun for the sheer egg-digging factor, even though I never saw a MTG: Mirari's Wake. But it is basically "stall and kill stuff till you can do a massive MTG: Firecat Blitz". I didn't use the MTG: Raka Sanctuary - MTG: Riptide Crab combo in the end, it's got plenty of creature-kill already. I think the MTG: Meekstones should go in, and just avoid playing it at the same time as two copies of MTG: Mirari's Wake (as that would shut down your Firecats).

Darrel Riche

on the other hand, has a reasonably obvious Elf deck, probably with red for a little burn; but while it might be decent, it looks very unexciting.

Daren Bader

I'm tempted to try a Daren Bader saboteur deck. MTG: Greater Harvester, MTG: Silent Specter, MTG: Spirit Link and MTG: Talon of Pain... blockers cleared by MTG: Faceless Butcher, MTG: Culling Scales or MTG: Walking Desecration, which *loves* MTG: Wing Shards... There might be potential there, but it would take a bit of work.

Pete Venters

PeterTaylor has built a Pete Venters deck based around MTG: Cabal Slaver, a Greg Staples deck and a Ron Spencer counter-burn deck. Hoping to test them and then post the deck lists for general review and tweaking if they appear to work.
Staples deck-list above. The Venters deck didn't really work. The Spencer deck worked well, but was rather boring.

Rob Alexander

Rob Alexander provides temptation towards a Land/AntiLand? deck!  Antiland is Lava Blister, Plow Under and Reap and Sow, which also fetches your MVP of Nantuko Monastery.  Wall of Stone and Tranquility keep you alive, Harrow and fetchlands get you threshold:
Attack: 12
4 MTG: Nantuko Monastery GW:4/4s
4 MTG: Kavu Climber 3GG 3/3
4 MTG: Cephalid Aristocrat 4U 3/3
Landsearch / landkill: 14 = 26
4 MTG: Reap and Sow 3G
2 MTG: Lava Blister 1R
4 MTG: Plow Under 3GG
4 MTG: Harrow 2G
Stall: 10 = 36
4 MTG: Wall of Stone 1RR
3 MTG: Evacuation 3UU
3 MTG: Tranquility 2G
Other land: 24
4 MTG: Flooded Strand UW
4 MTG: Wooded Foothills RG
0 MTG: Bloodstained Mire RB
0 MTG: Polluted Delta UB  = 8 fetch
1 MTG: Shivan Reef UR
2 MTG: Island
2 MTG: Plains
8 MTG: Forest
3 MTG: Mountain

This was surprisingly fun and surprisingly effective.  MTG: Evacuation works horrendously nicely with MTG: Nantuko Monastery, and reaching threshold wasn't particularly a problem (the MTG: Cephalid Aristocrat's drawback is an advantage!).  The MTG: Lava Blisters should probably come out due to frequent lack of targets in the format.  Playing a base-G deck whose stall cards have costs 1RR and 3UU has a certain frisson of risk to it - yet another reason why MTG: Reap and Sow is just good. I may well submit this one, so comments welcome. Do people think I should play MTG: Wind Dancer (early blocker if you get U) or MTG: Lesser Gargadon (big beater with lots of land) in place of some of the other questionable choices?
PeterTaylor agrees that it was an amusing and effective deck. I suspect a lot of the decks in this format will have moderately fragile mana bases, so Reap is scary.

Tony Szczudlo Zombies Deck

4x MTG: Aphetto Vulture
4x MTG: Cabal Interrogator
4x MTG: Deathmark Prelate
4x MTG: Grave Defiler
4x MTG: Gravedigger
4x MTG: Shivan Zombie

Non-creature Spells:
4x MTG: Death Pulse
4x MTG: Grave Pact
4x MTG: Spawning Pit

4x MTG: Forgotten Cave
4x MTG: Tainted Peak
4x MTG: Urborg Volcano
12x MTG: Swamp


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