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RA: It has occurred to me that MTG: Crystalline Sliver is rather less useful than it once was. With an MTG: Crystalline Sliver in play, the abilities of MTG: Crypt Sliver and MTG: Magma Sliver no longer work.

AC: Hmmm... good point.  Well, I guess that means Crystalline should just sit and be evil with Winged, Talon, Synapse and optionally Muscle slivers, in WU or WUG.  The deck with Crypt and Magma loves having white around for MTG: Serra's Blessing, but as you point out isn't so keen on Crystalline. 
There's strong pulls to a WRB Sliver deck, actually:

RA: As is more or less known to people by now, I have a five-color fetish. Hence the rainbow nature of my slivers deck. The existence of MTG: Sliver Queen would make this viable if I had one, given that when a 7/7 Sliver token generator hits the table the game really is over. I think it is possible to produce a reasonably deadly rainbow deck(this uses several cards I do not possess...assume I want them). A listing to prove my point will be forthcoming once I've got sufficiently bored with working.

AC: My first sliver deck (which got lost/stolen *sadface*) was 5-colour.  I had one proxied Sliver Queen and a load of random 1-ofs and 2-ofs slivers which me and Angela had picked up from different places.  This was put together pre-Invasion :) ... the 5-colour enablers were MTG: Fertile Ground, MTG: Harvest Mage, and MTG: Skyshroud Elf.  When Invasion came out I added MTG: Pulse of Llanowar .  I'd imagine you've got all the Fertile Grounds you need, and you can find better things than MTG: Harvest Mage to use, but you'd quite like some Pulses of Llanowar, right? :)
RA:I probably want both. I don't have as many Invasion cards as you might suspect, though (I came back to magic during Planeshift, really, rather than Invasion), and I already have a Coalition Victory-based deck and a supposedly fast green deck eating up land acceleration. Currently I'm using the following mana-fix cards in my Slivers: MTG: Skycloud Egg, MTG: Rites of Spring, MTG: Birds of Paradise, MTG: Quirion Trailblazer, MTG: Geothermal Crevice, MTG: Timberland Ruins, MTG: Far Wanderings (x2), and sort of an MTG: Riftstone Portal, but I need MTG: Harrow for that actually to work. (I currently have 5. I would like at least another 7 or so...). So the MTG: Fertile Grounds are slightly wanted, and the MTG: Pulse of Llanowar is very wanted indeed. 

AC:I may well build another 5-colour Sliver deck at some point, but at the moment I've got enough slivers to fill 2 decks *anyway*, and colour does seem a reasonable line to split them along :)  The UBR / GW divide has worked quite well so far, but I'm definitely tempted to do a WBR one sometime soon, for the reasons above.

RA:I'd have thought that the classic colour divide would have been "defensive" UW (Crystalline, Winged, Talon, Ward, and possibly not-quite-so-defensive taking into account Shifting and Essence) and "agressive" GBR.

AC:Well, I guess part of the reason for my GW / UBR divide is that I don't have any Crystalline but I do have four MTG: Hibernation Sliver. I used to *love* these in my old Sliver deck, and they're now the only uncommon-but-not-Legions sliver I have. They're stunningly good at saving creatures.  I guess they'd be just sick with Aluren.  And I guess any old Sliver build can be more or less agressive.  The 4- and 5-mana-cost Legions slivers take away some of the default aggressiveness of a sliver deck.  (I recall in the old extended there was an "aggro-control" UW deck called "Counter-Sliver". Play a couple of early slivers, then counter anything they do about them.)

Reasons for wanting G in with B and R:

AC: I'm not so sure about this. Heart is great, sure, but what's the benefit to playing hasty creatures at instant speed? You've got to have them in play by your declare attackers step anyway... how is it better than playing hasty creatures at sorcery speed in 1st main phase?  Whereas if you use Quick (or MTG: Aluren) to play them on opponent's turn, they don't need haste... AlexChurchill is confused...
AC:Well, yeah, I guess... I'm unconvinced how effective Brood is, TBH.  I've not seen it in play, but I'd imagine a token-generator which only generates tokens when you're already damaging the opponent would kinda be a "win more" card.  Boosting the amount that a Magma pumps by would be fabulous, but you need to get some damage through for that...?

It would be intriguing to see what availability we have in numbers of Slivers. I don't have enough slivers to make two decks viable (you have lots more Legions slivers than I do, I think we have a similiar number of Tempest/Stronghold? ones - the majority of my Stronghold cards were non-sliver related). I have 28 slivers in my slivers deck and 5 currently unused. This more or less enforced the 5-colour (well, more like 4.5-colour) decision.

AC:I have 4of the Legions uncommons and commons, as well as 3xEssence, 1xMagma, 1xBrood, 1xToxin.  (I've actually got about 7of most of the Legions common slivers, due to trading for them rather too enthusiastically.)  I have 4of the Tempest commons except Clot, but the only uncommons are 4xHibernation and 1xMnemonic.  Why do you ask?

As an aside, there is a 2-turn kill with Slivers, legal in type 1. A single Black Lotus and a forest provide the 2GG for Aluren, allowing you to drop 4 muscle slivers in your opponent's turn and swing for 20 damage in your next main phase. :-)
Why wait 'til your opponent's turn?
The Standard Johnny answer. Because you can. In addition, doing so in your opponent's discard phase does not allow him to respond to the threat with sorceries.
Granted, but he could drop small creatures himself... - ChrisHowlett
I never said it was perfect. Many 2-turn kills don't work as such. Drawing a Winged or Horned Sliver on the next turn will certainly help here though
My point was more that you can drop a heart sliver and four muscle slivers in your first turn and make it a one-turn kill.
You'd need to be drawing for that - forest, lotus, aluren, 5 creatures is 8 cards.
Which is one of the reasons they added the 'draw or play' rule, still you can use natural selection and ... ok, NO.  I refuse to play magic agaion.  Especially virtually.  --Vitenka

(PeterTaylor) With Time Spiral it's now possible to build a mono-red sliver deck. Quite a scary prospect. 1R: Heart, Hunter, Two-Headed; 2R: Blade, Sedge; 3R: Bonesplitter; 12-14 cards left for spot removal and maybe a couple of Magma and MTG: Wheel of Fate. Hmm: MTG: Pandemonium is back in purple.
MTG: Pandemonium does work well with MTG: Bonesplitter Sliver, MTG: Blade Sliver and an active MTG: Sedge Sliver; however, it also works quite well against them - giving your opponent free ways to remove your favourite slivers might not be the best idea in the absence of MTG: Crystalline Sliver or MTG: Opaline Sliver. --AC

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