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A welcoming Christian student society (of about 30) which has a very high level of Randomness.

Although officially the "Cambridge Student Methodist Society", members don't have to be Methodist - many Anglicans and a few Baptists can be found among us, and anyone is welcome.  A few of the members aren't technically students any more either :-)

We have our main meeting at 12:10 (or sometimes 12:00) at WesleyMethodistChurch, which is followed by lunch.  Small groups meet during the week (currently Mondays and Wednesdays), and a few mad people go to Prayer Breakfast on Friday Mornings.  On Sunday evenings we gather in someone's room for "Coffeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee", which is a social meeting where MethSoc's true Randomness shows itself.

Some of the more, err, MarySueish MethSoccers are writing a [MethSocStory].
I was going to ask if it was really MarySueish to cast oneself as an agent for the forces of Order codenamed Trinity...  But then I thought about what I was going to type... -- Senji

Find out more on the [website]!
Well, so long as it has choreographed dancing fights, and groups of zealots walking down the street, scarves flapping in the wind and snapping their fingers, I'd watch it.  --NotMe??

Rumours of a hostile takeover by Emperor are completely unfounded.
So it's a friendly takeover? --SF


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