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Well, I guess I would be the Emperor, then :-)

I'll write some stuff here at some point, perhaps next time I'm suffering from Insomnia

Emperor has a SurrealityToken for Threads/Funny

Emperor is now engaged to be married to Sally (please comment [here] if you want to) :-)

Rumour abounds that there may soon be
but he wouldn't play a lowly game such as magic, surely?
Perhaps more like
as he trys to get rid of the signs of a misspent youth...

This is a CategoryHomepage
No it's not. It's a Homepage. CategoryHomepage is a CategoryHomepage. --Pedants? anonymous
Not hugely anonymous - the DNS address is mjfraser...
Whilst I could have claimed to be StuartFraser, there wasn't much point, was there?
Not, really. I'm merely just as pedantic as you.

Useful stuff to add to this page might be something resembling a way of contacting you, recognising you, or otherwise letting you know where and when your mead is available. --DR

I note that you don't actually do this on your homepage :-) In any case, I have been contacted now [hence I have removed the speculation on how to contact me] -- Emperor

DR links to Pallando and DouglasReay.  "Douglas Reay" is my real name, and as such, a google search on it will produce an email address for me.  I claim this as being an acceptable level of contactability. :-)

I hereby butt in and draw people's attention to DouglasReay/BirthdayBarbecue as a very brave example of contactability. - MoonShadow

CategoryBiologists | ChiarkPeople

Attn Emperor - I've got a request for a vet to say which Colleges are good for Vet Sci. Any suggestions? Thanks :) - SunKitten

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