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No idea - MoonShadow has never seen this, and doesn't want to read the spoilers until he does. Anyone care to supply a general description?

Oh, sorry.

Take one part 'high school ninja' one part 'coming of age story' and nine hundred and ninety eight parts 'dragon ball'.

Naruto is a very lonely kid - who sets his sights on forcing his village to aknowledge him, by becoming the strongest.
Um.  I'm going to HAVE to reveal at least episode one spoilers to go anywhere with this.  Stop reading now if that bothers you.

In years past, the village was plagued by a terrible "nine tails demon fox" which was finally sealed away - into the body of a small baby.  Which kinda explains why he doesn't have many friends.

Anyhow.  Mix a modern-day village, which just happens to have a heritage of training ninjas with excessively silly fighting techniques and a large wash of comedy.

Naruto must pass his graduation exam, make friends and enemies and... well.. only episode 74 has been translated yet AFAIK so not much happens.  It's... long.

But it gets very slow and bogged down in a long fight scene, and betrays its beginnings IMHO.  It starts off well, with real characters and funny jokes.  But when the last twenty-three (so far) episodes can be described fully as "They fight"... Yeah.

But it is very very pretty.
Those wanting to see examples of what episodes of this consist of may [click here] to see Vitenka's summaries of many many episodes.

OP = Vitenka

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