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"Nellens" Artan
*cough* *cough* -- Alicia.

Okay update time, as others seem to be doing it.

Iselsi Artan, fire aspect Dragonblooded

Expert master swordsman and the best one on one melee fighter you are likely to meet. Survivor, spy and assasin.

Dressed normally in a fairly lose set of clothes primarily in black with silver and red trim. On top of this he wares a breastplate with intracte bracers set with starmetal embossing a set of arcane symbols. Primarily though all you see of his appearence is a long black cloak that shifts in colours slightly as it moves flickering in the dark end of the spectrum.

As a member of house Iselsi life has not always been easy. Early on in life Artan saw the his home raided and attacked by "unkown forces" he was one of the few survivors mainly due to a grizzelled old guard captain that helped him escape carrying with them one of the houses prize diaklaves. Later Artan with the help of a few Iselsi contacts Artan was educated in the House of Bells however his attitude and abilities did not lend them selves fully to the normal military life. He graduated but was soon forgotten by all that had been there. At this point seemingly an independant young dragonblood Artan joins house Nellens where he works fro them as a captain of the house guard, addational house Iselsi contacts him rarely with instructions.

After a time he is presented with the Diaklave that his mentor has kept with him since they escaped, this diaklave is rumoured to be more then it seems but the exact knowledge was a closely guarded secret known only to now dead members of house Iselsi. In an unfortunate incident soon after this Artans mentor and friend is killed, vengance is swift unfortunatly too swift as this shows him to be more then a just a member of house Nellens, to avoid a scandel and a bloody fight Artan is sent away to the Legions.

At this point histroies diverge.
NOTE- Echo's is post Raven and Candle is post Raven time frame but not post Raven.

See Exalted/LastFlightOfTheRavens
Artan is sent north with a group of dynasts to reinforce the Raven legion expected to die or at least not come back. The following tales see the destruction of 2 major cities large numbers of people and the near destruction of the world. Last seen Artan, diaklave and plasma cannon were seen leaving Lookshi with Silus (an agent of the eye)

See NellensArtan/Candle
Again Artan and the dynsts are sent north many adventrues ensue. Intercept by a group of war walkers with some interesting armour they are sent to prevent the destruction of Rybilak by forces of a deathlord. They arrive Artan acquires a large and very nice suit of armour. Now Artan is amoungst the ruling council of the town and craftsman of skill and student of the arcane. 1 year later much the same thing happens in that the armies of darkenss attack and are stopped.

Well that remains to be seen. A few items of his property were seen in the area of the campagn and he has a score to settle.
There is a rumour that Silas sent him to Iceholm in a crate -- Senji
Has appeared for certain now, last seen in a Warwalker leaving from the battle of Eras after haveing defended the warwalker against a boarding party of Abyssal's and support. Unfortunatly didnt get a chance to kill the Mirror as he ran away.

Also of intrest might be the LordOfStorms page for the Echoes campagn.


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