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Not at the moment, she isn't :-( -- Senji
Well, if you must keep in character up to the point of putting her in severe danger of having her soul eternally tormented, (and then play in some weird game with *dice* that you can't role properly) it's your own fault...
*roll* :).  I'm not sure the concept of 'RIP' really fits in a universe where reincarnation is real, anyway... -- Senji
But Oblivion probably fits the bill of eternal rest. In which case "RIP" is more of a curse than something you'd want on your gravestone. ( Not that I care for what you want, my soulsteel axe means your soul will rest in peace as your body rests in several pieces. ) -- Xarak
Not Oblivion. She was killed by Soul Mirror. --Ilanin
That's not eternal torment nessicarily, souls can be consumed by the sword and destroyed totally I think. Although the owner had to want that to happen so if they don't particulaly like you...not much hope. Unless they suffer a freak mishap and drop Soul Mirror into the Mouth of the Void. -- Xarak
I note that Kira doesn't seem to be doing too well out of staying in character either; but fortunately she hasn't encountered Soulmirror yet...
Don't worry, Asilano is burning the midnight oil doing several weeks' research rapidly. Just not all at once, or I take bashing damage.
Just so long as you keep your demon out of the library. He might eat a tranche of forgotten lore whilst you weren't looking. --Ilanin
If you recall, Erymanthus was told to drink his fill of blood from bodies that were already dead on the battlefield, and then return to Malfeas.
He was? I was arguing about the future of Soul Mirror & Lookshy's defences at the time, so missed it.

Will be missed...

Vitenka wonders what the context it here.  It sounds suitably disturbed.
Tom's Exalted game. -- Senji

She ruled the world, right?
No; although most people wouldn't have told her that to her face...

I have desires for Darryl... </pred>
Oy, *thwap* *thwap* *thwap*

[On Alicia...]

"Honour before Family, Family before House, House before all else."

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