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Replaces Microsoft/Works / Microsoft/Word / Microsoft/Office? / Microsoft/PowerPoint? and can read all their file formats.

Free. Open-source. Stable. Actually works. Quite slow.

The Microsoft/Excel? interface is less clunky than OpenOffice Calc's one, but not, I concluded, sufficiently so for me to buy excel.  --Angoel
I have had to used OpenOffice to recover a Microsoft/Excel? file that caused Microsoft/Excel? to crash upon opening. Definitely worth the download for that alone -- ColinT. Sadly, most offices will not consider using any software that did not cost money to use in the first instance.
I would have thought that it's inertia (and BetterTheDevilYouKnow), and possibly reliance on 3rd-party software using DDE and OLE with MS Office. --Bobacus

Thanks for reminding me that this had reached stability.  There are always SOME people who refuse to desist sending things in Microsoft/Word format.  --Vitenka
Quickie review:  It installs, runs and the spellchecker seems to basically work.  Which puts it in the top 1% of all office software anywhere ;)  --Vitenka

Q.  Is it worth upgrading to from StarOffice 5.2?


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