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I'm going to stop maintaining a full list. If you want a specific Unhinged card, ask; I also have a range of stuff from Onslaught block onwards. I might possibly try to maintain a list of stuff from the most recent 3 sets or something, but not today.

I want (or think I do, anyway)

General utility commons

I can probably use a number of copies of each of these cards.
MTG: Trinket Mage
Artifact lands, especially MTG: Tree of Tales
MTG: Pentad Prism
MTG: Naturalize
MTG: Reef Shaman

Noteworthy commons I could trade for them include MTG: Dark Banishing ,MTG: Boomerang and MTG: Shatter, as I currently have 5 of each not in decks.

For planned decks / partial decks

3x MTG: Now I Know My ABCs

3x MTG: Auriok Salvagers
2x MTG: Psychogenic Probe

4x MTG: Goblin Bookie
2x MTG: Mana Clash
4x MTG: Winter Sky
4x MTG: Krark's Thumb
2x MTG: Goblin Bomb
4x MTG: Puppet's Verdict
2x MTG: Chance Encounter
6x X burn

Dance theme deck:
3x MTG: Sword Dancer
4x MTG: Shield Dancer
3x MTG: Soltari Trooper
4x MTG: Soltari Champion
2x MTG: Mesa Chicken
2x MTG: Knight of the Hokey Pokey
4x MTG: Prismatic Wardrobe
3x MTG: War Dance
2x MTG: Midsummer Revel
3x MTG: Hesitation
3x MTG: Elfhame Palace

MTG: Tangleroot:
1x MTG: Tangleroot
4x MTG: Shrieking Drake
4x MTG: Wirewood Symbiote (can borrow some from other decks)
4x MTG: Imagecrafter (can borrow 2 from Weirding deck)
1x MTG: Equilibrium
4x MTG: Crystal Shard
2x MTG: Brain Freeze (can borrow from other decks)
2x MTG: Hunting Pack

To improve specific existing decks

3x MTG: Decree of Justice
1x MTG: Kataki, War's Wage
2x MTG: Mycosynth Lattice (although I can borrow from a part-deck)

MTG: Auriok Salvagers
MTG: Emblazoned Golem
MTG: Energy Chamber
3x MTG: Enlightened Tutor
3x MTG: Purge
2x MTG: Pyrostatic Pillar
3x MTG: Slice and Dice
MTG: Thirst for Knowledge

MTG: Daru Spiritualist
3x MTG: Obsidian Acolyte
MTG: Psionic Gift (Pauper's combo)
MTG: Thoughtcast
MTG: Vedalken Engineer

Anything people think I might be interested in, please suggest. My current decks are (not guaranteed perfectly up-to-date):



Four- or five-colour:


AlexChurchill: We discussed that MTG: Arcane Laboratory would go well with MTG: Decree of Silence and MTG: Power Conduit, and I have one.  I have MTG: Browse and other fun things for your MTG: Shared Fate deck.
(PeterTaylor) Status check?

StuartFraser: As stated on my own page, all of my cards are available for loan, and at uncommon or common I'm probably happy to give them away. I know I have a Decree of Justice, several Enlightened Tutors (I bought four, but only have one deck to use it in, and it's T1 restricted, so...), and I'd be amazed if I didn't have Obsidian Acolytes and Daru Spiritualists. I've also got an Ink-Eyes, a Psychogenic Probe, at least one ABCs, a Mana clash, probably some X burn, a Mesa Chicken, a Knight of the Hokey Pokey, an Elfhame Palace (I think, somewhere), and a Tangleroot. I've probably got 4 Imagecrafters lying around as well.
(PeterTaylor) I don't mind borrowing cards for a tournament (and if I start thinking seriously about 2HG Constructed Champs I might see about borrowing some), but for a deck which I intend to keep together it makes more sense to proxy. If you want to trade, I'm happy to list cards in categories of interest or to let you look through my collection.


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