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A long time ago in a place far away...  Well, OK, not quite.

Back when PhoenixFeathers was just starting out, I also happened to be just getting into the idea of programming for a GBA?.  The two things naturally combined themselves in my mind and I started to come up with a plot/ideas for a possible PhoenixFeathers / ToothyCat RPG.

Also naturally, nothing ever came of it :)  Probably for the best :)

Anyway, sorting through old files, I just came across my notes and thought I would add them here.  Feel free to add/edit...  It has many large holes and was basically a few scenes tied together rather than any encompassing plot.

It was also written a long time ago...  I think I'll go hide now... --Kazuhiko


Cambridge - Overall map, with access to the various other locations and various random things (flying bicycles etc.) going on

CB1 – People playing "Gathering: The Obsession"?

Lecture theatre – Polka-dotted elephant

MoonShadow / SunKitten's flat –

Toothycat server – In MoonShadow / SunKitten's flat.  Location of the toothycat.

Skylab – Location of slimes, lab equipment and possibly SunKitten

Alex's room – Location of cardboard snails

Mike's room – Location of Mike, pun war and Chediceni / Masked man

Hospital – Where you end up after learning the ultimate pun.  Location of winged girl (secret).  Note: you can only get into the hospital the one time you learn the pun.

UL – Location of help on conjuration/containment and general hints.

Colleges, Lecture theatres, People's rooms, Departments


SunKitten / Magaera – In MoonShadow / SunKitten's flat, guarding a comic...  Can only be defeated by leading the MoonShadow-neko to her.

MoonShadow-neko / Yozhik-neko – In a serverroom / techy place.  Lost / trapped.  Must be lead (by use of coffee or techy stuff) to SunKitten

Mike – In his room.  Must be defeated in a pun war in order to learn the 'ultimate pun'.  Learning the pun lands the player in hospital but can then be used on the ToothyCat.

Chediceni / Masked Man – "Shh!  I'm not supposed to be here!"  Hiding in Mike's wardrobe (dark maze)?  Gives the player a mask (dramatic cloak and mask?) needed to reach secret area.

Winged girl – As from the First Story.  She's in hospital with a bandaged wing.  All you have to do is brighten her day to be rewarded with a smile (and a feather?)...  Leads to an alternative ending?

Nagi – Location unknown.  You find the "Ultimate Weapon of Mass Destruction" early on (possibly in Skylab?) but if you use this on Nagi he just points to his collection of "Ultimate Weapon of Mass Destruction"s.  Later on you find "Sharp pointy bits" which you can combine with the UWoMD? to form the "Ultimate Weapon of Mass Destruction with Sharp Pointy Bits".  This can be used to defeat him (or rather to make him point and giggle hysterically).

Toothycat – In the toothycat server.  You need the ultimate pun to make it duplicate in order to... don’t know yet.

Ethically Correct Cardboard Snails – The ultimate evil.  Located in Alex's room?  Impervious to practically everything.  Undefeatable?

Polka-dotted elephant – Blocking the entrance to the lecture theatre.  Disapears if convinced it does not, in fact, exist.  May require Alex's text books to do this.

Angela – Found inside a bubble (drifting through locations?).

Other ideas

Collect the anime videos...

Encounters are screenshots with text and some motion (hit or psychic swirlies)

Jelly babies

Format / Layout

Intro screen – Fade in/animation to Phoenix Feathers logo with start/options/resume options.  Also credits screen…

Credits screen – Any similarity to persons living or dead is entirely accurate...

Options screen - ?

Resume screen - ?

Standard screen – Map based.  Two layers for map, one held in reserve for menu system.  Player moves across scrolling map, behind tall objects etc.  Other Characters appear on the map and can be interacted with by walking up to them and pressing A.  At any time, the menu system can be summoned through the use of START.  The menu has inventory options and links to save/reset and options (if any).  The menu will overlay the level in the background (fade rest of screen to greyscale?)

Map screen – The Cambridge over map.  Smaller version of the player sprite.  This could be a 'mode 7' map or a rotation map of some kind.  The menu system can still be called up as on the standard screen.

Character screen – Character interaction screen.  Shows large image of the character encountered and the (text) options available.  Also shows discussion.  Menu system available?

FMV – OK, a slight exaggeration…  Intro and ending sequences.

Story flow

You arrive (train station?) and meet a character.  The character first asks you your name, which leads you to a basic name your player screen.  Basic plot then ensues (including a suggested couple of locations to visit) and a brief amount of exploring in standard mode before you leave your current location and reach the map screen.  The map screen should highlight the suggested locations to visit (should other locations be accessible at this point?).

Objective... Unknown.


Defeat mike in pun war to acquire the _Ultimate Pun_ which lands the player in hospital.  This pun can then be used on the toothycat...  Objective unknown

Reach skylab by asking SunKitten about it.  At skylab find the "Ultimate Weapon of Mass Destruction" in a store room (make sure you ask to borrow it) and a hedgehog slime?

Talk to Angela to get the sharp pointy bits (she wants to get rid of them since they were scaring her bubbles).  Combine SPB and UWoMD? to get UWoMDwSPB? that can be used to get past Nagi...  Objective unknown.

Find the MoonShadow-neko by... unknown... use coffee and techy bits to lure him out and lead him to SunKitten so he gloms her and distracts her.  You can then take the comic strip(?)... objective unknown

Later on, you need to change the MoonShadow-neko back into a MoonShadow.

CategoryComputerGames, CategoryRandom (especially the bit with the MoonShadow-neko ^^;;;;;;;;;;;;;)

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