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Sha'am the Toothycat from PhoenixFeathers was inspired by Sham the Puffy Cat Virus from [Studio Tavicat]'s ["Reality Check!"].

Some notable differences between Sham and Sha'am:

The concept "ToothyCat" itself was inspired by a quote of Sham's:
"I am a toothy cat! I bite! Bite! Bite!" (c) [Studio Tavicat]

...except you won't find that text in Reality Check!. What Sham /actually/ said was more like

The real otaku can use something like this to translate back and forth.

AlexChurchill is *so* tempted to nominate this page (or /Code) for CategoryKittenTechnicalMatters. But describing Sha'am as a kitten is unfortunately a slight stretch. Cat, yes; kitten, not really...
I somehow imagine puffycat kittens as looking something like the SootSprite?s in MyNeighbourTotoro?...  Only in slightly more psychedelic colours... --K

So, the name has no reference to the cat seen from time to time in AzumangaDaioh?  --FR
No - we were around long before AzumangaDaioh made it to the West (in mass-produced form, anyway, I think; certainly long before we were aware of the Azu kitty). The resemblance has, however, been thoroughly noted :) - SunKitten

HamStress has met a cat with no teeth. Would that be a Toothless Cat, a Non Toothy Cat or just a Plain ol' boring cat?


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