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Can anything in this universe happen in less than PlanckTime?
Action is analogue. Therefore yes. Did you mean "Can anything significant happen"? - CorkScrew
Action is not analogue. It's just so well digitised you can't tell the difference. It's not meaningful to talk about shorter than PlanckTime, AIUI. --Requiem
(PeterTaylor) Indeed - the Weyl-Heisenberg--Gabor uncertainty principle. (I love telling physicists that the Heisenberg uncertainty principle is just a special case of something we study in CompSci).
That's all right, it's just a special case of something we study in Physics, too. --NT

(Time it takes, travelling at c to move the Planck length)



CorkScrew prefers the New York Second as the shortest unit of time (time between the traffic lights going green at a New York junction and the car behind honking you)
Isn't that negative ;-)
Are you besmirching the reputation of New York drivers? Shame on you! - CorkScrew

Edith remembers reading Planck time referenced in the Star Trek TNG Technical Manual. I think the warp drives work faster than it and that's how they violate the rest of the laws of physics.
- How does the Heisenberg compensator work?
- Very well, thank you.

This sort of thing does sometimes make one wonder if the whole universe is merely a simulation running in some big powerful computer somewhere. The PlanckTime and PlanckLength? being the granularity of the simulation. --Admiral
Extra points if you can arrange to cause a buffer overflow and exploit it to execute arbitrary code... bringing us round to Magic/HowItWorks again ^^; - MoonShadow
Unfortunately it would appear that God is a RealProgrammer, something which many of us have suspected for some time :) - CorkScrew

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