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The object of the game is to achieve the fewest points. Multiple games are usually played, the scores being retained between games.

The game is meant for four people; other numbers commonly play by removing the two of clubs and possibly other two's from the deck prior to dealing so that the number of cards in the deck is divisible by the number of players.


Play as basic /Whist. At the end of the game, each player examines the cards they won. They score 1 point for each card which has the suit of Hearts, and 13 points for the Queen of Spades. All other cards score 0 points. Iff a single player obtains all the cards worth a nonzero amount of points in the deck during the game, they score zero points and everyone else scores the total point count in the deck each (26 in the basic game), for that game only.


(PeterTaylor) An exception is made for the case where you have to lead and only have hearts.

The version of Black Maria that I have played takes each heart as 1 point and the Queen as 13, but King and Ace of spades also score 10 and 7 respectively. I've never seen that other part mentioned above...
Same in mine - mine also had breaking hearts (see below). --Angoel

To be honest, I think it is part of the official rules, but someone else listed it as being part of the microsoft variant, so I thought I'd better make it consistent with that variant. There is certainly no one gold standard set of rules out there.
Nope, according to my book of rules, both are listed as separate variants.

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