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How about we list playing card games (UnCCG's) we know, along with rules?

Also, to encourage people to write more rules, how about posting a few words about the experience on the relevant page if you find a game here you've not played before and decide to try it?

Strategy games

The numbers of players are for the basic game. Variants usually exist for other numbers of players, and the more common ones will be described along with the basic rules for most games. Most single-deck card games will get boring with more than 6 players or so even if the rules permit more.

Needs, of course, to be included in any list of strategy card games. 4 players, teams of two.

?, for those with Cyrillic script handy. Means "Idiot" in English. 2-6 players.

Sometimes known as "hearts". 4 players.

There's a lot of variants of this. Maybe describe basic rules here and link whistlike games to PlayingCards/Whist? Any number of players.

Counting games.

(pronounced Scart)

for when you don't have any... (typically 1 player)

Gin Rummy on steroids. Needs at least two decks of cards. 4 players, teams of two.
Gim rummy on steroids, yes.  Needing twin decks, yes.  Four players, no - it is a fine game for 3-5 with two decks, and becomes suitably cutthroat.

Best with several decks. Any number of players.

How to summarise? Play-or-draw aim-to-run-out-of-cards game.

Always good fun.  Make sets or runs of cards.

Start with the seven of diamonds, work out from there.  Best with around 5 people and two packs.  I have been berated for trying to start a version with around 8 people and three packs.

Nice light relief for two players.  Build a hand of four cards which scores for things like pairs, fifteens and runs.

Somewhat more strategic game for two players; points scored in hand as well as by taking tricks

Odd little game where the aim is to get rid of your cards while forcing other people to pick them up.  Quick with a moderate level of tactics.

For 3 or 4 players. Use 13 cards each to make up to 4 hands of 3 cards.

For 4 players. Relation of /Bridge and /Whist, with a screwy suit system and using two half packs of cards (or one specially designed pack). Teams of (usually) two, which are (usually) decided by the deal and (usually) discovered in play.
I believe Sally knows this game, and was presumably taught by someone. They may even have been a Wikizen?. If someone sees this who knows someone appropriate, try to get them to fill the rules in, won't you?
Emperor is our official explaining the rules person -- Senji.

Induction games

Guess the secret rule, decided by one player in the role of "God", which determines which cards may be played in the sequence.  Tests rather different skills to most card games.

Often compared to MorningtonCrescent, which is a little unfair. It has a habit of taking over cliques for a while. Presently seeing a lot of play amoungst the social arm of the AssassinsGuild. Any number of players.

Gambling games

Anyone know the rules for the variant where the players share some of the cards? IIRC, some of the cards are dealt face up on the table, with a round of bidding between each deal. It's the only one I can think of that is a lot of fun if you are not after a gambling game. - MoonShadow

There are several. The most famous is probably Five-card Texas Hold'em, mainly because it's the game played on Channel 4's inspired Late Night Poker. In this game the players are dealt two cards, there are two blinds and then a round of betting. If there are still players after this round three cards (the 'flop')  are dealt face-up. There is another round of betting. The another card is dealt face-up (Can't remember the name of that one). Another round of betting. Finally a fifth face-up card, the 'river' card, another round of betting, and then (provided there are still at least two players in the game) the players reveal their hands. Each player builds the best hand they can from their cards and the five on the table, and the stronger wins as normal.

Aka Pontoon, Twentyone, and probably other things also.  Seems to be a gambling game most of the time it's played.  Try to score closer to 21 than the other player, without going over, where A=1 or 11, and J,Q,K=10.

; /Cribbage can be played as a gambling game, even though as noted above it belongs more in the strategy section.


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