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A discussion, or possibly merely questions, about the ballets referenced in PrincessTutu.

This section may, at some point, contain some fairly big spoilers but I think we should avoid them until a fair number of people have seen a lot of the story.  This section currently rates as minor spoilers and shouldn't contain anything that someone who has seen the first 4 eps doesn't know.

Central Themes

The two ballets which seem to be central to the story of PrincessTutu are SwanLake? and TheNutcracker although only certain aspects of each story are taken.

MoonShadow supplied me with quite a good, if brief, description of TheNutcracker which can be found at http://www.cbtdance.org/teacherguide_files/tg_nutcracker.html

A large number of references are made to ravens and the King (or Monster) Raven.  I was previously assuming that this was a reference to SwanLake? but, having now found a brief description of SwanLake?, this does not seem to be the case.  Does anyone know where this comes from?

Also, I was wondering where the references to disapearing in a flash of light if she confesses her love comes from.  I'm assuming that this is a ballet (or, at least, FairyTale?) reference but I don't know where from.  I could be completely wrong about this of course...

Episodic Ballet

A number of the episodes are individually based on different ballets, which could be listed here...


As a bizarre coincidence, my local theatre is actually showing this ballet at the moment!
Is this the same Coppelia which is referenced by Noir's opening theme, "Kopperia no Hitsugi" (Coppelia's Coffin)?  --AlexChurchill
I only know one Coppelia, so unless you know any others.. - SunKitten
Well, I don't know any at all. This page and Noir's OP are the only places I've heard the name.  I was asking those who are better versed in culture than I. Admittedly it's quite hard to tell what on earth Noir's OP is in fact about.  --AC
The advantage of having a father who is musical ;) - SunKitten
[This site] has a fairly comprehensive description of the ballet.  I can't see an obvious reference to coffins but I guess it is quite possible. - Kazuhiko


Synoposis [here], for instance.

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