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An epic tale of love, romance, ballet, insane storytellers, neko-senseis, cute bishounen and ducks.

If you have _any_ tolerance for shoujo and magical girls, watch this show.  The characters, concept and general feeling are absolutely wonderful...  I refuse to give anything away about the story other than to say that those who prefer a slightly dark twist will not be disappointed.

[Images of the characters]

It is a magical girl anime and it is silly, especially at the start.  Its use of stories soon makes you realise that there is a little more to it than that.

 - Kazuhiko

I will probably get lynched for saying this, but for some reason it feels very reminiscent of RevolutionaryGirlUtena, although rather tamer and with the swordfighting sequences replaced by ballet. - MoonShadow

I found myself being reminded of RevolutionaryGirlUtena for a rather different reason.  Does anyone else who's seen both find it funny that, because of the absence of certain consonant-vowel pairs in Japanese, the characters pronounce it "Princess ChuChu"??  --AlexChurchill
WatashiMo :)  Though funny could be read as worrying, especially if you are reminded of Utena :) - Kazuhiko
I am often worried by what AlexChurchill finds funny... not as often as I am worried by what Nagi finds funny,admittedly... --MikeJeggo
Ok, now you just have to go and hack together an AMV from that concept.  You evil evil people.  --Vitenka
Hmm, the Utena opening with appropriately cut together PrincessTutu footage...  That could work :) - Kazuhiko
RevolutionaryGirlUtena/TheChickSpeech seems more themantically appropriate... though it's debatable whether that would really be a music video.... ^_^ - tjm
I was thinking the elephants episode and maybe that bit from the movie.  I am very glad I have no Utena to hand.  --Vitenka

Series details: Eps 1-13 form a complete arc ("Chapter of Egg").  From episode 14 onwards, each episode is divided into 2 parts of 15 minutes each ("Chapter of Chick").  I believe there is to be a third segment but I don't know the details.

I wish I remembered where I got the above info from now.  If Animaxis? is to be believed (and they are usually pretty good), 26 may well be the end. :(
[This book] is referred to as the "official guide book for the later half of the Princess Chu Chu (sic) anime. ... on the episodes 14 to 26...".  (and yes, it is referring to PrincessTutu) --Kazuhiko
Episode 26 is definitely the end of the series, yes. - tjm

On the images page, the centre character is 'Drosselmeyer' (sp?) the aforementioned InsaneStoryteller?.  The chara top-centre is 'Mute', the main male who I have an insane urge to paint half of his hair black and call him Yozhik (Gomen MoonShadow ^^;;;).

 - Kazuhiko

Drosselmeyer?  As in the toymaker from The Nutcracker, perhaps?

-- Nataku

Almost certainly.  You'll probably get quite a bit more from this show than I did if you happen to know any of the common ballet pieces.

 - Kazuhiko

In fact, I think a section on /BalletReferences would be appropriate...

Just writing some CDs and reading off vid files, only to find that I accidentally named one of the CDs "Princess Tatu"...  Now that would make for an interesting cross-over... :) - Kazuhiko

Just heard that the fansub group (a.f.k.) have decided to wait until it has all been shown in Japan before doing a mass release...  Bleh-desu. - Kazuhiko

They have however just released the two New Year specials (15 mins each).  They come directly after the first arc so watch iff you have seen that arc.  The second is basically a story recap which, since it is only 15 minutes long, is not that annoying.  The first is a few random sections including "How to watch ballet" and a summary of all the animal characters in the series so far (rated by difficulty of spotting them ^^;). - Kazuhiko

Has anyone watched 25 yet?  I haven't watched past 22 as yet, but I was wondering, since they have just released the 3rd special, if 25 is the end of the current arc? --Kazuhiko
We have, and it isn't. 26 might well be, though - SunKitten

Just caught 10 minutes of "Do you want to be a millionaire"...  The 64,000 question:
Which ballet featured the character Drosselmeyer:
a) Swan Lake
b) Giselle
c) The Nutcracker
d) Coppelia

Unfortunately, as you can see, "Princess Tutu" wasn't an option... --Kazuhiko

Tsunami read somewhere that PrincessTutu has been licensed for release in the US.
Woohoo! - SunKitten
Sounds very good but I will have to admit to skepticism.  Where did you come across it?  Website, magazine, ESP? --K
Check out the Anime Boston announcements on www.advfilms.com - they announced they're releasing this (and the RahXephon movie which I'm keen to see) - Jay

[Reaction snipped since it consisted of rather a lot of gibbering incoherently]
There is a manga of PrincessTutu and they are releasing it in English?? 0_0 --K
Yup, although it's not as good as the anime (it came after). They're also releasing PrincessTutu on DVD in English :) - SunKitten


CategoryFood - Details? What does it taste like? Where can I get some? What are the ingredients? Do you know any good recipes? ;)

Well, as it happens... /Recipe


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