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A server for Puzzles, written by qqzm. Online [here].
Whilst it was primarily designed to serve [Cisra-Style] Puzzles, it can support most forms of puzzle where the answer is a single string.

You can view the existing puzzles without logging-in but you need to create an account before you can view hints, submit answers or upload your own puzzles.

Main features

Site Discussion

(General comments about the site, suggestions or bug reports etcetera)

The puzzle list has disappeared, and I now get a JS error...
  Message: 'undefined' is null or not an object
  Line: 11, Char: 153597
  URI: ext-all.js
... I am using MSIE8. SparkPlug?

Ah, sorry about that. It should be fixed now. --qqzm

Feature request:
Please could we have (maybe per-user customisable) colour-coding in RecentChanges, so that new puzzles stand out, and other setter activity (such as new hints) stands out? --Rachael
Done. Puzzle creation stuff (publishing new puzzles, modifying puzzles and adding hints) is now red. Submitting correct answers is green. Everything else is black. --qqzm

Puzzle Discussion

(For discussion of individual puzzles on the site - PLEASE DON'T POST SPOILERS)

qq-20 It's a rodent guard
This was changed, and one of those changes may well affect the integrity of the puzzle.
It's difficult to explain more without giving away too much but, could you please confirm that
"dwarf detective" is correct, and that it does not need to be "detective dwarf". SparkPlug?
ROT13ed to avoid people accidentally reading potential spoilers: qjnes qrgrpgvir vf vaqrrq pbeerpg
Sorry I had to update it - I realised there was a potential ambiguity that needed fixing. --qqzm

I noticed a drop in quality rating from 3 to 1 stars... or am I dreaming that up? --3x7
Yeah, I dropped it as I realised that it just really isn't at all a good puzzle. --qqzm

Have completed the first stage and am positive I'm looking in the right place for the second stage.
However, despite understanding what is meant in Hint 4, I'm not sure how I can apply both pieces of
information needed.  Is there any chance of getting further direction please? Thank you. --chantilly
I'll think of a new hint and add it today. --qqzm

Being a compulsive riddler (redundant?)  I hate to leave anything undone, but I am at a loss with "Rodent Guard."  I have completed the first step and I believe I know to what "they" should be applied given the "starting point."  However, I am NOT mathematical at all, so I have been researching the term mentioned in one of the hints. I've not succeeded in translating what I've learned to this situation.  From what I understand, I need a precise order to make this "thing" and I don't see how to get that within the pairs.  It's very frustrating to think you understand the general solve technique, but not be able to complete the more technical aspects.  I appreciate the hints you've offered so far and certainly understand the difficulties in hinting and replying in an open discussion forum such as this. If you'd like to contact me more privately, my email is spiceriddle@hotmail.com.  thank you - spice1
I'll add a new hint that'll be a more descriptive version of hint 4. Sorry it's just a really bad puzzle. --qqzm

qq-7 - The Font of All Knowledge
Didn't manage to find the number quoted in the hint - any chance of discussing this with qqzm? tftw@blueyonder.co.uk

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