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Technological advances into areas that technology should never have advanced...


This may well have some very good uses, but the example video of people using it to travel through their office has to make you wonder...

[The Combimouse]

The keyboard/mouse combination of the future.  Remind me to stay in the past.

Friendly reminder: if these pages aren't categorised or linked from anywhere other than RecentChanges, they will become effectively invisible once no modifications have been made for a few days.  While this emulates a newsgroup more accurately, it's not necessarily a good thing.  Adding them to, for example, CategoryComedy / CategoryDistressing? / CategoryTheWorldsGoneMad? means that at least they can be found by September's Wiki visitors by some means other than clicking RandomPage.  --AlexChurchill in overly-strict-WikiPoliceman? mode

Yep, you're quite right.  I wasn't sure where it belonged but, given the title, CategoryRandom will do for now.  Feel free to change... - Kazuhiko


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