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I'm the first person to enter a CompletelyRandomPage??  Wow.

I guess I should scrawl something here then, since I have already disrupted the pristine whiteness of 'edit your page here'.

Ok, a theory then.  People tend to edit pages which have something immediate to reply to.  In fact, it's pretty clear that the whole WikiNess? of this place has GoneToTheDogs and most people are contributing via the RecentChanges system.

Which is all well and good.

So I propose that we start bringing a RandomPage to the top of the RecentChanges list every so often, thus attempting to respark conversation there.

Presumably by adding interesting, intelligible content to it.

MoonShadow: You can get the Wiki to spew a random page at you using [this] link; there is a setting in User Preferences that adds it to your link bar. However, the RandomPage idea is better IMO because it pushes pages at RecentChangesAddicts rather than waiting for pages to be pulled via [some] [link].
I only just discovered that option in Preferences. Would it be worth making it opt-out (i.e. having it in your link bar is the default)? --Rachael

Or maybe I just like linking random things together.

Hmmm, this works kinda like WordOfTheDay should.  Ooops - I just made this into the PageOfTheDay?.  Hmm.  Better put a fun word here then.

I like saying Quark.

Bonus points (redeemable for additional annoyances) for linking the quote to the appropriate page of the archive.

To some extent, this is functioning as a discussion board, with good archiving, and a much more user-friendly interface than any other discussion board I've ever been on. Add to that the triviality of restarting something which interests you, and not from ground state, and we already have something good. What would 'wikiness' imply? -- TheInquisitor
More PuttingRandomWordsTogether? and ClickingOnBlueQuestionMarks? than seems to be going on ATM?M-A
Nah, the BlueQuestionMarks? seem to work well - the wikiness is lost that we don't seem to have many new people coming in at the start of the wiki, and roving through it by clicking on CapitalisedWords and adding comments as they go.  It's growing like a tree - all the growth is happenning at the Leaves? with very little elsewhere.  I agree that it's working well as a discussion board, but chunks of it seem to be StayingDead? for TooLong?.  Although that's my fault as much as AnyBunny?'s - I still can't bring myself to MessUp? in the Thread?.  So I thought that maybe if I pushed a RandomPage at someone, they might put something there that I could reply to, and so on... --Vitenka
Alternatively, see WhatIsWiki :)
Pointing out that only a CompSci would think that a tree naturally grows at the leaves, without thickening at the trunk.  --Vitenka

Well, lets see if this works at all.  Random question - does the MoorsBeast eat FlapJacks?  And if not, why not.  And what DOES it eat?

What happens if, the next time you open your eyes, you've become a different person in a different place... such as instead of staring at the screen in a office, you suddenly found yourself in a zoo washing an elephant? -ColinLeung

First thought: "Why has my laptop become an elephant?", closely followed by "Is this covered by the manufacturer's warranty?" --Kazuhiko

A boy, acting as servant to the post-Patternfall King of Amber.

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