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Bodycount is here for 'It Is Better To Light A Candle'.
For some reason I expected it to be your personal BodyCount?, from the title.  Just out of interest...
I don't think Requiem / Syrtis has killed anyone yet... -- Senji / Kira
Weellll. Syrtis hasn't killed anyone yet. Requiem has - hell, he killed 12 people at his graduation concert from the Sijan Conservatoire. (IanHorne killed a PC in session 3!)

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Then Kurm decided he would do something suicidally heroic. In order, the deaths were:

Session 4

He was lookin' at me funny, the fairy. - Xarak

Session 5

It strikes me that this party is disturbingly efficient at killing little girls.

Little girls could be enemys in disguise. Hence, kill all little girls. It's flawless logic. - Xarak

Session 6

Anyone actually keep count of the extras' casualties?
Yes! I was keeping a precise count throughout that session I'm not going to tell you what it is though. --Edith
Oh yes you can, you just have to have a sufficiently tough bow, and be good enough... -- Senji

The Politics

First Rule of RPGs : No-one and nothing is innocent and harmless. All blacksmiths are master warriors, all maidens are sorceresses/witches, all villages have at least one person who can kill you in. -- Xarak
Oi! -- [Kira]
"Oi, nutter!" "Stuu-pid!" - Worms Xarak

I did say that it wasn't a good idea to advertise a campaign as that the GM would be attempting to stuff the players as much as possible... -- Senji
That's the great thing. I no longer need to! They seem to be quite capable of stuffing each other!
Grrr... --Tulas
Whu-hahaha! -- Xarak
Gain a point of Resonance --Requiem
What? I only laughed evilly. Can't an Abyssal even do that anymore? *grumbles*
Not by referring to yourself by your old name :P. But it's WikiResonance?, so that's all right.
MuHaHaHaHa -- Senji

Running Total

Mortals: 3800 (approx)
Walking Dead: 5001
Ghosts: 6051
Wyld-touched: 152 (Mighty Ray counts)
Fae: 2
Dragon-Blooded: 12
Lunars: 0
You need to kill at least one Lunar before the last session starts... -- Senji
We even have a lunar PC now so the death of lunar looks more and more likely - Artan
Unfortunately, the last session is approaching too fast. The party didn't go south, so there aren't Lunars to fight.
No 'log Lunars' then... -- Senji
Unfortunately, I don't believe that Charm exists.
Subtle Like Brick maybe died taking on a Hekatonhire single handed. OTOH he was the World's Munchkinist Man so maybe not... -- Xarak

Sidereals: 1
And almost another one due to the stupidity of kicking pissed-off necromancers in the back.
And Syrtis is stuck in the Labyrinth.
Abyssals : 12
And almost another one due to a rather bad reaction to invisible sarcastic Sidereals.
Is that counting Shoat twice? -- Senji
Solars: 3
First Circle: 7
Second Circle: 3
Air: 2

[looks at the above] Mm. That's like 10% of all Abyssals anywhere, have died in this city. I think it's becoming infamous.
Grin --Tulas

As always, any party members feel free to edit and add anything I forgot.

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