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Quotes collected during the sessions of 'It is Better to Light a Candle'.

[discussing the arrangements for a party being thrown by Moriko, the nubile Dragon-Blood]
ST - Moriko's quite capable of doing her own bouncing, you believe.

Oberon - You kill those who fail you. You kill those who betray you. You kill those who oppose you. YOU DON'T KILL RANDOM EXTRAS SIMPLY BECAUSE YOU FEEL LIKE IT!

ST - You are not selling party members into slavery!

Xarak - At a party, disguised as a German bodyguard, regarding someone whose face he recently kicked in - "Did you hear about Moritaki? Ya. I heard he was defeated in combat by a mighty warrior." - Repeated several times to anyone he could find.

Anon - Is that a grand daiklave in your thong, or are you just pleased to see me?

Xarak, passim, - I look for insects.
ST - You find insects.
Xarak - Are they evil insects?

Xarak : Celestial level sorcery? Hah! I eat it for breakfast.

Tulas - You will NOT threaten a little girl!

Tulas - I believe it's time to strike a pose.

Se'ric - You are NOT swapping your priceless artifact for drugs AGAIN!

Xarak - I'm not an idiot. I'm not going to take too much of these drugs!

Xarak - The Unconquered Sun is a mate. If he weren't, I'd slap him.

ST - You are NOT sending my players to the Wyld!
Xarak - Right. The Wyld it is then.

Tulas - I get a double success on 'lewd smile'.

Xarak - My two goals are to live forever, and be the world's mightiest man.
Said round about the time when he took an overdose of LSD believing it to be a performance enhancing substance.

Xarak - I suggest you let me go, if you value your face.

Xarak - To a Fae noble - "You're a soft southern fairy." - Whack in face with iron baseball bat.

ST - You can't get there in one round, you're two days' travel away.
Oberon - Can I make a flying leap?

Xarak - I shove my golden axe in his face. "You callin' me conspicuous?"

Moriko - So, how about some [Stunt Dice].
Xarak - When I've finished with you, there will be no more [Stunt Dice] for you!
ST - She takes that the wrong way.

Edith - I'm trying to work out what Tulas does next, and I think it'll be Oberon.

Referring to the fact that Oberon's social roll is 10 dice less than Tulas' and thus he can never say no to her:

Edith - We could do it [Roll the dice, he meant] again...
Requiem (note, this is the PC, not Requiem) - Can I watch?

Xarak - She's good at parrying, right?
ST - Yes, it's a Charm.
Xarak - Right. Could she parry... my CAT?

Xarak - I decapitate him. ( A daemon)
ST - He has six heads.
Xarak - I cut off the one he'll miss most.

Mighty Ray of a Jaded Sun : Death is another lifestyle choice!
Edith - Yeah, the tax breaks are fantastic.

Ray - Yay! I have a posse of ninja attack goths!

Someone - Artan is NOT a detonator!

ST (some gothy NPC) - I do not drink... wine...
Edith - Good, cause frankly that accent when drunk would be horrible.

Ray - I'm not going to go on a mad rampage.
Tulas - Promise?

Some NPC bartender - I'm sorry Sir, we don't take money that screams. [After Ray tried to pay him with a soulsteel coin]

[A random NPC names a ridiculously high price.]
Se'ric - Interesting figure you have there. Shame if something were to... happen... to it.

Artan - My solution to bandit camps? FOREST FIRES!

Everyone - Oh no! Now even your wildlife is cockney!

Artan - I have a four letter word for you. Yoink!
Someone - "Yoink" is not a 4 letter word. Unless you nicked one of the letters.

Demili - Your goths have been.....redecorated.

The entire First Age one off needs to be quoted somehow. Especially the Essence-assisted food fight.
Oh yes!!!!! -- King DJ

"Live by the axe-klaive-chucks, die by the axe-klaive chucks." - Epitaph for Mighty Ray of a Jaded Sun


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