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This is kind of a trades page, but also a place for random thoughts and other magic related stuff.

Rares owned but not currently in a (serious) deck:
''(Note - some if not most of these are from sets without rarity symbols, and so a couple of uncommons might have slipped through the net)

MTG: Amber Prison
MTG: Thran Golem (poor condition)
MTG: Lodestone Myr
MTG: Helm Of Kaldra (2)
MTG: Quicksilver Fountain
MTG: Worldslayer
MTG: Lotus Guardian
MTG: Grid Monitor
MTG: Sword of Light and Shadow
MTG: Sword of Fire and Ice
MTG: Blinkmoth Nexus
MTG: Sands of Time
MTG: Myr Matrix
MTG: Storm Spirit
MTG: Arcbound Reclaimer
MTG: Feldon's Cane
MTG: Memnarch
MTG: Helm of Possession
MTG: Gauntlets of Chaos
MTG: Lobotomy
MTG: Gabriel Angelfire
MTG: Spellweaver Helix
MTG: Thought Prison
MTG: Mirari's Wake
MTG: Stabilizer
MTG: Sliver Overlord

MTG: Exalted Dragon
MTG: Shared Triumph
MTG: Orim's Prayer
MTG: Leonin Shikari
MTG: Dominaria's Judgement
MTG: Spectral Lynx
MTG: Rashka the Slayer
MTG: Auriok Steelshaper

MTG: Broodstar
MTG: Decree Of Silence
MTG: Mistform Skyreaver
MTG: Energy Flux
MTG: Mask of the Mimic
MTG: AEther Storm
MTG: Legerdemain
MTG: Pulse of the Grid
MTG: Erosion
MTG: Giant Oyster
MTG: Spectral Shift
MTG: Stasis
MTG: Shared Fate
MTG: Legacy's Allure
MTG: Diminishing Returns
MTG: Imaginary Pet
MTG: Trade Secrets
MTG: Reins of Power
MTG: Seasinger
MTG: Planar Overlay

MTG: Minion of the Wastes
MTG: Pillar Tombs of Aku
MTG: Necrosavant (poor condition)
MTG: Yawgmoth's Demon (Japanese)
MTG: Extinction
MTG: Desolation Angel
MTG: Forbidden Crypt
MTG: Sadistic Glee
MTG: Kezzerdrix
MTG: Bottomless Pit
MTG: Tortured Existence
MTG: Gallowbraid
MTG: Endless Whispers

MTG: Soulgorger Orgg
MTG: Ridgetop Raptor
MTG: Stronghold Gambit
MTG: Ogre Shaman
MTG: Meltdown
MTG: Orcish Oriflamme
MTG: Petradon
MTG: Chandler
MTG: Oath of Mages
MTG: Pulse of the Forge
MTG: Volcanic Dragon
MTG: Zo-Zu The Punisher
MTG: Fiery Gambit
MTG: Elkin Lair
MTG: Melee (3)
MTG: Monstrous Hound

MTG: Barishi
MTG: Hidden Stag
MTG: Panther Warriors
MTG: Molder Slug
MTG: Quirion Dryad
MTG: Nature's Chosen (2, neither in good condition)
MTG: Penumbra Wurm
MTG: All Suns' Dawn
MTG: Glimpse of Nature
MTG: Symbiotic Deployment


Anything that will have a headache-inducing interaction with MTG: Humility. Anything to tutor out MTG: Humility.
Large amounts of lifegain, preferably in white, MTG: Time Stop (4) and MTG: Test of Endurance (3) (yeah, guess what I'm thinking of building...)
MTG: Mogg Maniac (3) - I believe that AC has some
MTG: Guided Passage (I'm determined to break this card)
MTG: Beacon of Creation and MTG: One Dozen Eyes for a token effort.
MTG: Fabricate (2)
MTG: Confusion in the Ranks (several)
MTG: Azusa, Lost But Seeking (3)
That card that allows you to redistribute life totals
Anything with creature type Fungus

PeterTaylor has a Chinese MTG: Guided Passage.
Only if you can think of a way to break it, because I really can't... ^_^ --Requiem

Below comments probably expired, cause my deckbuilding has moved on. Sorry.
(AlanLawrence)I think I have an MTG: Auriok Steelshaper, and possibly some others of these. I'd be interested in trading for MTG: Stasis....?
By 'that card that allows you to redistribute life totals', do you mean MTG: Reverse the Sands?  Because I have three I'm not using.  If you're not using it (and you probably are), I'd really like MTG: Mistform Skyreaver.  --FR


Being a list of actually useful decks I have, rather than my endless parade of useless ones

Why Is It Always Snakes?: Monogreen (ahem) Snake tribal deck. The (ahem) is because it's got a couple of slots for "Random Creature of the Week" - the deck is capable of producing about 10 of any colour of mana on turn 4, so I keep interchanging the big creatures it casts.
Fishing Rug: Red-green-blue weenie deck built to see if I can break MTG: Guided Passage.
First Control: White-blue control deck with MTG: Platinum Angel
Second Control: Black control / lifedrain deck. Would run MTG: Necropotence if I had any!
Maniac En-Kor: Red-white Kor / burn deck based around redirecting 24 damage to MTG: Mogg Maniac.
And I still have my individual and team Sealed decks from the Kamigawa prerelease. (And I've kept the Team cards separate and safe.)

White-blue lifegain deck.
White-green-black deck based around getting the opponent to gain life, then casting MTG: Test of Endurance and switching life totals for the win.
A deck containing all the silly cards I have, but actually putting them to good use.
A deck containing all the match-winning bombs I have, but putting them to counterintuitive and silly uses.
Green-blue Soratami tribal deck, with Azusa and other Fastbond-like effects.

Genju land destruction deck.

This is not up to date. --Requiem

"I kind of lost touch about the time of 5th Edition.."
I'm pretty certain I asked this exact question some while ago, and had some really useful responses to it at the time. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find where. When I do, I will post a link :) If it's going to be an FAQ, it might be worth starting a "OK, I've not been playing since...  - what's new?" subpage of MagicTheGathering and merging all the replies into that. - MoonShadow''

Found it!  See MagicTheGathering/MajorRuleChanges.  Needs to be linked from more places.  --AC

Thanks, there were a couple of things on there I hadn't twigged yet.


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