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The 24-Hour That Lasted 19 Hours

Put your memories here! It started off very professional in an Enemy of the State style, and gradually got sillier and sillier. The players realised they were the heroes of legend reborn, and ran around first Europe and then the Near East chasing McGuffin's and/or the rapidly unravelling (as in, there were many holes in it, so as it unfolded it fell apart) plot. It ended with StuartFraser accidentally crashing the world by removing evil from it, and thus was classified as Officially Silly.

I think it recieved the "Officially Silly" badge right about when we launched an all-out assault on the fiendish demon known only as "Peter Mandleson"'s Manse. In Grimsby. ( or wherever it was. ) -- Xarak
Chipping Sodbury.

Hanging onto the top of an upside down Soulsteal plane at Mach 2 was definately fun.  As was wandering arround a random Manse trying to guess what everything did... - Naathh?


Space 2150 The awakening
Rossini looked out over the lunarscape, a violet glow around the horizon showed evidence of a light atmosphere but not nearly breathable. Still the gravity, a seventh of Terra’s as enough to keep the marines boots on the ground. Seven marines, arrayed around a Lander, the lunarscape seemed to consist of a flat-bottomed valley or crater of about 70m. Cho was talking readings on her tac-scanner, and the commander was standing by the ship, poised for some threat.. Rossini couldn’t remember why he was here. Only Commander Sturmgewehr seemed intent on any mission, this felt wrong VERY wrong.
Within seconds things started happening, first Cho pointed to the empty ridge, Taggart barked an order and Sturmgewehr took up aim towards the top of the ridge, Rico and Slim did the same.
The weapons officer stood with his face to a ship relay, and had just transmitted something that could only mean there was a ship out there.
“How did he know that?” How come he did not remember coming here. This reminded him of his first Earth based mission – crowd control. Recuits into Confed space forces must prove their loyalty to the arm by carrying out difficult orders, often in actions against riots. After an officer or marine had carried out an order against his conscience, it was easy to identify subversive elements in the force and prepare them for contact with Outworlders.
What now would come over that ridge was the nightmare Rossini had relived many nights. Aliens, bringers of corruption, insectoid carrion eaters and predatory monsters. Behind him stood the shadow of an Multi-platform vehicle, a 2.5meter biped, with heavy weapons on each of it’s powerful arms and an armoured cockpit over the body.

Rossini found himself climbing into the Walker MPV, he truned to slip into the control couch, the hatch closed in front of him and a holo-HUD appeared showing viable targets – many of them. They are not aliens! they are people. Gaunt, terrified and irrational. The others marines are being attacked, The commander gives the order to fire. Rossini had no choice but comply, and yet, the others seem scared, crazed, gunning down the “unarmed” civilians with terrible fury and efficiency. What was going on!?
Rossini shouted through his com-set “NO, wait” but his cry was ignored, and Taggart repeated the order. “Fire you fool, to the left!!”.
If this was a training, it would be unwise to disobey, he had never disobeyed Taggart before and yet…
“hell take them.”
Blanking out the desperate faces coming over the ridge, hands squeeze the contacts on the suits armoured glove,
“what are they running from, why are we killing them?”
..as the right hand weapon comes round and obliterates a charging group in a cloud of plasma. Then he brought the rotary blaster round to cut down the group attacking the marines on the left. The marines fell back, over bodies piled high, blaster bolts glancing off their armour doing little damage but the angry hoard continued and it would’nt be long till the suits ammo was depleted. As the sick feeling grew with the mounting corpses, Rossini began to hope it would run out soon.

Here's a brief summary from Lt. Rossilini's point of view :

We awoke in a medical bay, strapped down to tables. Our memories of how we got here, or indeed anything that had happened up to this point, were non-existent. A few brief flashbacks and a vision of fighting terrible insectoid creatures on some unknown moon were all we could recall. We were told that we had been found drifting in space; the rest of the crew of our ship, the TCS Infiltrator, were missing presumed dead. Eventually, the medical staff released us from our restraints and told us we were guests of the ship, the heavy cruiser TCS Conquistador. We were being taken to Mars for further treatment which would recover our memories.
Lt. Michelle Cho recalls - Yeah, this seems about right. The doctor seemed seriously dodgy, as did the nurse. Luckily, the doctor's ethics were on our side.
"The last thing Weapons officer Dafoe remembered was flashes of blue light and his hands on the weapons control. The flashes were not laser fire or any weapon he knew..The Captain was warning the crew that… you cant remember..."
The crew were met in the Medbay by an intelligence officer called Tactioner Kinsec who asked some questions and took them to see the Captain.

After meeting the captain of the ship, however, we were approached by a high ranking special official and told that we would be killed if we allowed ourselves to be "treated" on Mars. We had to escape the Conquistador in order to complete our top-secret mission. The only problem was, we couldn't quite recall what this mission was.

We formulated a cunning plan to access the launch hangar and regain control of our ship, "the Infiltrator" with the help of the medical officer Dr Cooper, of the Conquistidor and a security trooper called Simmons, who would "supposedly" help them access the main hangar without having t fight every marine aboard the starship.

After about ten minutes' solid argument. They didn't seem to like my plan...
The hanger was swarming with technicians and the launch bay doors were closed, so as the others fast-talked the technicians, I went to access the hangar door controls. However, due to my unsubtle approach, I was accosted by a marine and two technicians and they called for reinforcements.
As I remember, he was trying to hack into the control panel when they opened the door, subdued him and called the marines. Lucky we were around.
The other crew members came to my aid. Commander Taggart fired a masterful shot from his pistol, but didn't realise the window he was trying to shoot through was shielded, and it bounced back and hit him.
Thus setting the tone for our quixotic captain. He's cute, though, so I think I'll forgive him. Cute, thick, and a senior officer.
However, Lt. Cho's zero-g martial arts skills saved the day and we soon overpowered the guards, although Cho and I were injured.
Sodding security guard forgot to use the stun setting. Bastard.
I hit the big red button and the door opening sequence started, but a contingent of marines were right outside the door. Fortunately they couldn't open it thanks to the depressurization sequence. We piled on board the Infiltrator but then realised that the internal security systems in the hangar had activated and saw a massive gun emplacement aiming at us. A swift Ion Cannon shot fried its circuits...but also jammed the hangar doors. They were open just enough to let us through, give or take a millimetre. Taggart's legendary piloting skills saw us rocketing through the narrow opening with the tiniest amount of damage to the dorsal turret.

As soon as we were clear of the Conquistador, an attack fighter was launched in pursuit. The deadly weapons systems of the heavy cruiser would be more than enough to reduce us to atoms, anyway. But then Taggart activated a mysterious device..."the Shroud". This appeared to be some form of cloaking device! I had read speculation that such a device might be possible, but I never thought I would actually see one. However, seeing the secret device caused me to recall that it ran on a rare material - Carbonite. We only had a trace of it left...

We decided to head for the asteroid belt. The "Belters" who lived there produced Carbonite and could also sell us fuel. On route to the belt we encountered a large vessel. Hailing them, we learnt they were on their way from the Belt and had a little Carbonite for sale. We docked with them and went on board. They sold us the location of Belter colonies which would sell us Carbonite, but warned us that the Belters were, well, very strange people. I attempted to purchase an android to convert into a battle robot, but the fact that it had an attractive female design meant that Taggert did not believe this was my intention and refused to cover the purchase. So I was forced to purchase a cheaper Servitude Bot, a small bot designed for dusting and vacuuming. Nevertheless with the addition of two blasters, it made a deadly combatant. Unfortunately the AI was not best suited for targeting.
The mining ship Vega. The men onboard were kind of creepy, and kept trying to sell us female androids. Rossini showed a strange interest in them for some reason. Not like we don't have a full (if eclectic) crew. Oh - and Rossini bought a silly little serving robot on his personal credits. And built a chibi battledroid out of it. The poor little thing is more of a danger to us than any potential enemy.
We arrived at the Belt and after some investigating made contact with the Belters and landed on the asteroid. They offered to sell us fuel and carbonite, but demanded a price : the heavy combat walker which we possessed. It was a high cost but we sent down a party in the shuttle to make the trade. The Belters were strangely mutated, much shorter than Terran Confederate humans, and very ugly. They spoke a strange dialect of English; fortunately Cho spoke it fluently. They said that it was their custom to offer hospitality when making a trade, and we would have to stay and eat with them. Scans of the food revealed no known toxins or pathogens, but it could have done with a bit more salt.
The Belters are... odd. They've been corrupted by Outworld tech to a strange degree; they're kind of barbarians really. They took quite a shine to us, and I reckon we could have stayed as long as we wanted. I had to do all the talking, which gave me a kind of power. I like being able to modify the captain's requests to make them diplomatic and reasonable.
We needed to buy more Carbonite, however. I offered my legendary repair skills in exchange. They accepted and I said I would work for them for two days. As I worked, a delegation of Belters took a tour of the Infiltrator (under heavy surveilance by the suspicous crew). Meanwhile, however, I was taking a tour of the colony and examining the fascinating technology of the Belters. It was highly advanced, and there was no way they could have developed it; it must have come from elsewhere.

The most intriging piece of technology was known only as "the Wire". This was a neural interface link which allowed the user access to a vast database of infomation as well as communication with other users. I decided to try it.
This was his first mistake. Never acquire a taste for something you can't have on ship. I didn't try it. Just... ick. They stick needles in your head.
The Wire, I realised, was the best thing ever invented and could solve all world problems. I learned more in a few hours than I had in years at the Confederate training schools and realised that this technology was the answer to everything. It removed the need for sleep, made the user more efficient, aware and alert, and it was just so damn good. Private Simmons joined me in appreciating this brilliant technology.
Ri-ight. They were sitting there with expressions of vacuous pleasure. They were giving away state secrets without noticing. That 'Wire' is mind control tech. While that might be useful to us, it's too addictive for general use by military personnel. As proved by what happened when we tried to get them to leave the colony:
I was happily working away at trying to decipher to secrets of the Wire's operation, and had just reached the stage where I thought I could rig up a simplified version on the Infiltrator, when Taggart cut me and Simmons off from the Wire.
They'd ignored orders to come with us. Taggart being Taggart, he didn't try and reason with them but just cut them off. Honestly - if they can spend all that money teaching him to fly, can't they spend a little more giving him basic management skills?
This was an act of such dangerous cruelty that I immediatly pulled my weapon and aimed it at Taggart's head. Lt. Cho attempted to aid him, but Simmons was on my side and so was my robot. If Taggart tried anything, he'd be in serious trouble.
Simmons tried to strike a superior officer - but reckoned without me. Size counts for nothing in microgravity - his ill-timed blow was easily deflected. But now Rossini had a gun pointed at me. Taggart shouted something about insubordinate Outworld-tainted scum - right in earshot of about a hundred Belters. They wouldn't recognise the words, but the tone was a different matter. I spread my hands wide and gave diplomacy my best shot - hopefully the men would stop being such idiots and we might actually get out of this without anyone dying.

The relations with the Belters had been going quite smoothly, thanks to Taggart's charisma, Chos's diplomacy and Rossini's engineering expertise and "cooperation" in their customs. NOt all the belter's are satisfied with the deal made with these outsiders. Worse they are officers of the Confedertion whcih makes them feared and distrusted. But their aged leader Trevani seems interested in building relations and traded them a supply of deuterium and some very high quality carbonite.
The belters havce shown no use of weapons so far, their technology seems peaceful if otherworldly.

Rossini reacts badly to having his droud switched off. The sudden disconnection is painful and fills him with despair. Simmons also suffers and tries to push Taggart back but Cho deflects him.
Crazed for a moment, Rossini draws his blaster on Taggart, who draws his in typical Taggart style. Simmons starts to draw his.
Cho tries to reason with them, and McClough? is shouting: “What the hell?”
There is a tense moment where 3 marines are pointing blasters.
Apart from thiose still on the wire, The Belter people have backed off warily, they mutter under their voices. Dr cooper waits quietly by the entrance.

Its two rooms, an airlock and a bulkhead between the party and the landing craft. The Infiltrator is still orbiting the asteroid.

Spelling pass completed. Please slap Requiem with a dishcloth if there are errors left.

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