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First the warning.  This is very old and uses a very old style which may take some getting used to.  I have no idea how historically accurate it is (although I believe that, apart from Oscar, it is supposed to be quite close).  Finally it is also very shoujo.  In fact, I think the manga was one of the origins of the shoujo manga style.

Now thats over with...

Oscar-saaaamaaaa!!  *heart marks, cherry blossom and PastelSparklies go everywhere*  One of the very few female bishounen...  Oscar-sama wa kakoi!!

Oh, and...

Andre-saamaaa!!  *hearts, cherry blossom, etc*

I adore this series :)  Unfortunately, rather hard to get hold of but, IMHO, well worth it if you can.

Special note, for those who like angst...  You will _like_ this series.  Trust me.  Just you wait.  Oh yes.  MuHaHaHaHa...

*sigh* If I'm not careful I'm going to get a reputation for liking Shoujo stuff... --Kazuhiko

I read somewhere (in a NewType??) that this was being re-released on TV in Japan in celebration of some anniversary of something or another (very precise on details, aren't I).  This raises a very real possibility of it being released on DVD over there and, consequently, a small to medium possibility of it getting a release over here. --K (hopefull)


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