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The game is being remade for the PS2, apparently.  It's described as a "Strategy / Simulation / RPG / DatingSim" - sounds... unique ^^;;.  There's a very impressive opening movie (35Meg) available for download [here], which shows some clips of the battle sequences, dialogue / dating sequences, adventure game sets, and lots of FMV of characters and mechs leaping around in combat and being dynamic.

Does anyone know anything about the game (games?), or the anime?

There is a LetsPlay? of it ongoing [here] (TimeSink warning!) which is utterly terrifying. Choice quote:
"...but seriously, did you actually just beat a demonic moppet to death with a relaxing hot-springs vacation?" (he did)

An (all-female) Tokyo opera troupe pilot SteamPower?ed GiantFightingRobots against the MonsterOfTheWeek. The main character's GiantFightingRobot is Pink?.

The games are primarily turn based strategy, but with large amounts of plot, walking around talking to people, and dating in between the battles. The two aspects are somewhat linked; to a limited extent, decisions taken in the plot sections affect the battles, and actions taken in the battles affect the plot. The player takes the role of the troupe's (male) commander and ticket-puncher (no, they don't sell tickets to the giant robot fights; for the opera house).

The OVAs are closely tied to the games, and are mostly intended to fill in holes in the plots of the games, or just to look pretty to those who had only ever seen the characters on the screen of a SegaSaturn?. They're basically incomprehensible if you haven't played the games.

The TV series takes a different tack; it loses the male commander, makes the designs slightly more realistic, and tells the story from scratch. Haven't seen past episode two, so I can't comment on how well it does it.

(One of the games and one of the OVAs are set in Paris instead of Tokyo, with different pilots; a dancing troupe instead of an opera troupe. Pretty much the same in all other ways, though.)


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