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OK, this is cool. It's got style and class. It's CowboyBebop set in ancient Japan. It's got Spike in it. It's got someone cooler than Spike in it. It's got the disclaimer "We know this isn't quite historically accurate. Just shut up and watch, OK?" at the start. It even has completely gratuitous flying squirrel fanservice. Pity about the opening, but hey - you can't have everything..  - MoonShadow

Looks good from the trailer on the official site but where are you getting it from?  Fansub, DVD, other?  AnimeSuki? has never heard of it, but it doesn't seem to be a licensed release yet from what I can tell. --K

[Here]. Do a search on part of a word from the title. Beware - they list lots of licensed stuff too, and subbing quality varies greatly. AF-F are usually good. - MoonShadow

That was indeed cool.  It is very very CowboyBebop as Samurai, isn't it?  Good characters and, while not much plot as of episode 2, at least good storytelling.  You're going to think me very odd for this but I actually don't mind the intro at all...  I was wondering recently if anime openings were ever going to get past the 'random J-pop' phase they seem to be stuck in.  It is, at least, something different and I like the visuals in the opening anyway.
Oh, and it has been licensed by Geneon (the distributor formerly known as Pioneer) so I'll probably pick up at least the first DVD when it comes out. --K
Woop - didn't realise it was licensed. I think I'll be wanting the DVDs.. I concur about the visuals; the opening theme might well grow on me. As for random J-pop - I'm wondering whether it's just the sort of anime we usually tend to watch? Gantz, for instance, is very shonen and has a somewhat different opening to what I'm used to, and one I rather like.. - MoonShadow
Gantz? --K

It's very very very fun.  It doesn't seem to matter if you watch the episodes out of order, which is a nice change.  The intro is great.  I shall be writing [episode synopsis] now.  --Vitenka  (Hmm, thought I'd written more than that, oh well.)

Characters - Mugen (AKA Spike Spiegel), wandering self-taught samurai lech. Jin, dojo-taught samurai, long hair and glasses and general air of cool. Fuu, the girl. somewhat whiny, very persistent and often amusing - SunKitten

One fansite - [TooManyChamploo] - deserves mention for the links down the side, which are composed almost entirely of genuine katakana and yet can be read in English remarkably easily. --AC

Can't help thinking there's a BuiltIn? RanmaHalf cross here somewhere.  --Vitenka


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