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A pattern-spotting game played at GamesEvening, mainly by SusanWakeling and PsychoBabe.

It does weird things to your brain.

It has a website at http://www.setgame.com.

on a fine april day
outside a cafe -
four matscis; this bunch
sat, partaking their lunch

on the table before them lay a great spread:
two green apples, three strawberries
and a large slice of bread

the oldest among them picked up his suit:
"we cannot have this, for the bread's not a fruit"
the waiter blinked and went off upstairs
he returned with a tray bearing two pears

they stared a while in contemplation
yet none moved, till with some agitation
the bearded one said: "there's no meal here
the pears are too many, too like apples I fear.."

the waiter muttered under his breath
and went off again looking grim as death
returning he gave them a sardonic sneer
and plucked a single cherry out of his ear
the customers smiled but then one shook his head:
"too round like the apples, and also it's red"

restraining a growl he left once again
for these picky customers he racked his brain
three raspberries? "too many" a coconut? "hairy"
a blackberry? "no, we can't have one more berry"

the servant came back one more time to the fray
he lifted the cover and upon the tray
a single starfruit gently lay

they all stared for a moment, then excitement beset,
all four made a shout:
"Set! Set!...."
from NokkyQuotes/April2004

Also, the Egyptian god of the underworld.  You know, the one with the animal head and human body.
Massively narrowing it down from all the other portrayals of divine egyptians, there ;)  --Vitenka (I thought it was romanticised as seth?)

SeeAlso Rachael/Match

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