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PsychoBabbling? PsychoBabe also Christened JacquelineWalpole would like to finally introduce herself formally, after stalking you for quite a while. She’s actually a familiar face to most of you whether you know her or not just ‘cause she floats in and out of places, plays and possibly your dreams! semi-colon close parenthesis

You may know her through drama, darkness, lightness or a GingaEngineer?, but most probably randomly through some random person you know radomly, because Cambridge is like that! Randomness!

She lives close to RealityCheckpoint and is famous for CandyFloss? 'n' FairyLights? parties and taking on the role of an evil queen who kills everyone by kissing them.


Yay! Welcome! --Rachael
Welcome :) - SunKitten

*Sits on Requiem's shoulders and joings in mad waving too* --Edith
*Falls over* --Requiem
*turns green and tries to pick Requiem up, fails miserably due to his sheer size and falls on top of both Requiem and Edith - turns red* --PsychoBabe
*giggle* Hi --Edith
Hello. ^_^ --Requiem

Wow, she's both green and red at the same time. Since she's always pink playing Therapy, it seems PsychoBabe is most of the way to being a whole Rainbow all on her own! :) --AlexChurchill (oh, and a very warm welcome, too :D )


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