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Sienira's Facets is the name of a set of 245 HomeMadeMagicCards, created by AlexChurchill.


[The full card list], [the flavour of the different groups in Sienira], [the rules FAQ]


The theme of the set is card types. Each of the five frequent types apart from creature is associated with a primary and a secondary colour:

There's a lot more about each of these groups on [the set's website]. Creatures are not affiliated; each of the five factions is associated equally with creatures.

Design philosophy

My design aims were to create a set as close as possible to the way Wizards would currently create one, with only a few exceptions:

But everything else is trying to follow current Wizards design philosophy as far as possible. So that means current colour pie, current rarity structure, following all the standards of set design such as colour balance and so on. It's intended to be playable in Limited, as well as playable in constructed decks.


The set has been drafted once, using PyDraft. It went well. See /Drafting for the details.
Next up is probably building some proxy constructed decks, and playing them either at GamesEvening, or online with the PyDraft shuffler.


Comments on the set are best posted on [its dedicated site] on [Multiverse].

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