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Kazuhiko's thoughts looking at CounterSpell:
Wait, that says Illus: Morag Lewis...  But... *checks link* *follows link*  Oooo... Interesting cards...  Oh, there's one for me... ... ... A no... *huge sweatdrop*  "Both creatures turn red until end of turn" *cough* *splutter* MuHaHaHa...  Where on earth does the quote come from??
MuHaHaHa[That cardset] was basically my brainchild, with suggestions and contributions from assorted other people.  Some of the quotes are genuine - they usually have dates by them, like on Ant or Anne.  Some of the quotes are a stereotypical (rather than actual) quote of the person, showing the aspect of their personality represented by the card.  Mike's, yours and the other Douglas's fall into that category.  ISTR though that you did at some point make a very similar quote to that on your card, though, Kazuhiko-san...  *evilgrin*
Suggestions for the cards are welcomed.  In particular, for those people who don't yet have any rules text - this isn't that they're boring, just that inspiration hasn't struck me yet.  I haven't figured out quite how to capture something of Kyriakos-sama's essence on a card, for example, so any thoughts would be great :)  --AlexChurchill

Hm. Presumably one has "arrived" in some sense when a card of you is generated? Emperor
Hardly.  It's not exactly being maintained - I haven't created any new cards for that set for over a year.  At some point I ought to decide to either do something proper with it (create a load more cards, and sort out rarities and colour-balance like [the MontyPython cardset]), or to let it die.  But for the moment, I just enjoy tossing concepts around... --AC
Funny you should say that. StuartFraser has his own set of cards inspired by some of you lot and CambridgeLife in general, and was wondering whether or not to do anything with them or not. Some people now have two cards about them; one that carries their name (Alex's) and one inspired by them carrying a more MtG-like name (mine). This allows me to make another seires of puns in the creature type (a certain over-compettitive magic player gets Creature - Spike, for example). Join forces, Alex?
Absolutely!  Sounds like a magnificent idea!  I've got a number of other card ideas which aren't on that page - in particular a number more Artifact - Computer or Artifact Creature - Computer, and then some Enchant Computer cards, some of which are OSs, and others are things like VNC.  Shall we put the combined cardlists up on some Wiki page?  --AlexChurchill
Sounds good to me. Well, except that various people may well kill me when they realise what their card is, but never mind. Card list as text or using MTGEditor? (which I assume you used).
MTGEditor? Sounds like a [TimeSink] to me - where do I find this item? --CH
''[Here.] Feel free to add in anything you create. I suspect we need two different pages for the cards; HomeMadeMagicCards/CambridgeExpansion? and HomeMadeMagicCards/Other? -RA
Thanks. Now have it. Now all I need is inspiration. And CopiousFreeTime... --CH

Requiem is making a Requiem/Candle set, and IIRC other people are doing similar things. Unfortunately the set currently has more rares than uncommons and commons. It's a little hard to justify making Legend cards uncommon, and possibly slightly harder to avoid stepping on the toes of other Exalted sets so that we can end up with an Exalted block.

Apropos of nothing in particular, AlexChurchill proposes (SeeAlso MTG: Form of the Squirrel):
Squirrel Archmage 1GR
Creature - Squirrel Wizard, 1/1
All Squirrels you control have "T: This creature deals 1 damage to target creature."
Permanents you control named Form of the Squirrel lose "You can't play spells."

AlexChurchill recently discovered [Verdia]. It's a home-made set by a guy called Fallingman, and it's very impressive. The set's themed around land, but it's got a variety of well-designed cards, particularly a good sense for rarity: the commons really feel like commons, and the rares like rares.
Specific cards worth noting are: Mythic Gatekeeper, Battlewise Priest, Souljack, Perilous Fate, Cinderblast, Manic Inspiration, Mirrorstorm, Thrashing Sandwalker, Animalize, Dawntree Guardian, Destiny Seedling, Rootfathom Apprentice, Vineburst Tangler, Seeker's Rest, Sun-Blessed Vale, Uncanny Deep, and Ikuu, the Arisen Land.
I think the set seems interesting enough to be worth trying drafting it, perhaps with PyDraft.
There is also the second set in the "Verdia mini-block", [Ascendance]. It looks marginally less good. --CH (keen on PyDrafting, though)
ChrisHowlett and AlexChurchill have prepared PyDraft for drafting Verdia. If you're interested in participating in a draft (online, asynchronous, over the course of perhaps 2-4 days), and then playing the draft decks against each other by ToothyChat (in the #kazu channel), sign up here!

And inspired by Verdia, AlexChurchill has now created his own set, SienirasFacets.

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