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Otherwise known as Mitcham's Corner. This roundabout is large and irregular in shape - the middle contains a small grassed area, some houses, and Cambridge's Staples Office Superstore. It does not have any degree of CambridgeAura about it.

The shop itself is primarily noted for being too far away to be useful, charging above the odds, and not having what you actually want anyway.

One would never normally visit this area during StudentLife - instead keeping closer to MarketSquare.
in fact, despite proof positive to the opposite, many students refuse to admit its existence, as it is simply too far away from the centre of their universe (MarketSquare). Therefore, it seems to exist in a strange form of reality, neither here nor there.... --Tsunami (who cycles across it several times/week, and therefore must at some point also exist in said strange form of reality)

This area of Cambridge does have two uses:

An important additional use is that it bars the way to BoatieLand

It's a place that seems to be halfway to most places.

It also features /TommyTuckers near by.

Interestingly enough I'm about the same distance from Staples Corner in London as I was from StaplesRoundabout in Cambridge. StaplesRoundabout it easier to cross. --Edith


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