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Anyone fancy a bit of pointless game design?  I hear pygame is pretty easy to play with ;)  --Vitenka
There is precedent - HarvestMoon appears to be full of streetsweeping-like tasks, and I believe there's an EyeToy? window cleaning game where you, um, clean windows. Oh, and there's a whole lot of fishing sims, too.. ^^; - MoonShadow

Or, perhaps, find a way to make sweeping streets fun?  Heck - computer games make games out of less.  --Vitenka (Suggestion - points for cleaning an area, bonus for total clearance and time.  Rewards of replacement equipment and deterrant features.  Streets are ranked in difficulty based upon how often they are used, as well as obstacles.  Ladder competitions with cups and rewards for both individual and team competition; with competition on overall performance, time trials and head to head 'start at both ends and see where the midline ends up - interference is valid' type leagues.)
Computer games make things fun because you play them sitting in the warm, safe house, without undue physical exertation or expectation of hurt, and with reasonable expectation of success and progression.  Cleaning streets has none of this. --Angoel
People play football, rugby etc.  --Vitenka

SeeAlso WikiKingdom for the ToothyWiki interpretation.


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